Throwback Thursday: Exciting Moments from Our Last 4 Nomad Trips
Nov 29th, 2018

It’s really been an amazing year for Naija Nomads. This time last year, we already chose our 2018 destinations and we were really eager to explore the countries. Although, we were a bit sceptical if the nomad trips would turn out as exciting as we pictured them in our minds but thank goodness all the trips were way more than what we expected. We are so much grateful to all the wonderful individuals who signed up for the trips.

2018 came and we were ready to conquer the world starting with 5 Green Passport friendly destinations: Morocco, Lebanon, Rwanda, Tanzania and Mozambique. And yes, we really explored our first 4 destinations and on the verge to do the same to the fifth destination.

In this post today, we are throwing it all the way back to our previous trips. We just want to gush over our exciting moment from the last 4 trips (lol). If you missed any of the articles on the trips, you will get them here.

(Warning⚠️ there’re really exciting moments that might get you jealous. Hahaha!)

Our first destination was to Morocco in April. We definitely can’t just forget the sweet memories 20 Nomads shared on the trip. The wonderful time spent in Marrakech, Essaouria and the night spent with the Berbers in the Sahara desert, the delicious traditional cuisine; How are we to forget all these? OMG! It was truly a blast and a half!

The second trip was Summer in the Middle East (Lebanon) in June and it was memorable. Although we were almost discouraged by bad comments from the media, friends and family but it did not stop us from seeing the beauty of the country (Not all negative news about a place are actually true. It is better you experience things yourself). Our experience in Lebanon was so different from how people had portrayed the country to be. We never regretted making Lebanon one of our destinations. From exploring different cities to the beach experience to fun at night clubs to trying out different cuisines to exploring the home to cedar trees to vising the ruins of Romans, everything was all fun. We loved Beirut and we’ll definitely say YES to another adventure to the country.

Rwanda came next in August after Lebanon. Although we couldn’t get the expected number of people on the trip, but it was more than amazing. A small group of 6 ladies really ensured the trip was worth it. The Land of a thousand hills really captivated our hearts and we would not mind going there a countless times.

Can someone take us back to Milele villa at Nungwi? Omg! The fourth nomad trip was to Tanzania in October and it was 🔥that we can’t stop talking about it. The feeding and swimming with the turtles, the cuisines, the photo shoot (The photos didn’t even do justice to how beautiful Tanzania really is).

We’ll round off the calendar with a trip to Mozambique next month. We really can’t wait for the trip to come. Photos will be shared after the trip. You can also stay tuned to our instastory during the period to catch all the exciting moments on the go.

A hand full of spectacular people

On every of our trip, we do learn one or two lessons which help us work better on our next trip and this has really been helping us. Read some of the lessons we learnt from our trips to  Morocco, Lebanon, Rwanda and Tanzania.

Can 2019 come already?? We can’t wait to explore our 6 destinations next year.

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