Nomads in Tanzania: Beach, Sun and Sea Urchins!
Oct 16th, 2018

Are you a city person or an island person? Tanzania was such a dream and more, especially the beaches. Clear waters, quite salty, but still clear and beautiful.
We got into Dar Es Salaam at in the early hours of October 1st (yasss we went when visa on arrival was still allowed! You should have come too but oh well!). Thankfully, we can help you get the Tanzanian visa stress free but I digress.
The fourth Nomads destination on the calendar was Tanzania and after months of anticipating the trip, we finally conquered it on the 30th of September with 8 amazing Nomads. Although we didn’t have a large group this time but it was wonderful. No one could have expected a trip of 8 Nomads from entirely different backgrounds to be as smooth and sweet as this but hey! we were glad it turned out so well.

All smiles ready to snorkel!


Views from stone town
Stone Town Views!


To be honest, we didn’t expect the trip to be 100% perfect (Nothing is ever perfect) but at least we hoped to learn new things which we did. Lessons like this make us better and stronger. We’ll share some of the few lessons we learnt in the trip and we hope you can take note of each and every of them so you can have a better trip.


We really wished we had more days to enjoy the relaxing holiday. Although we we were able to relax but it was not just enough. Half the time we were unpacking and packing our bags, moving from one accommodation to another. Because of the flight schedule from Nigeria, you to not arrive Tanzania until early in the morning the next day (so that’s half day gone). To thoroughly enjoy yourself, we’ll advice one night in Dar, two nights in stone town and three nights at the beach resorts (especially if you love the beach). If you don’t, swap the timing for stone town and the beach resort, i.e three nights in stone town and two nights at the beach resort.

Nomad Tip: If you really want to enjoy Tanzania so well in Dar Es Salaam and Zanzibar, you should spend enough time.


If you have always been coordinating a large group on a trip, you’ll definitely feel the difference if you coordinate a smaller group. Managing a group of 7 adults was very easy and less consuming (time wise).

Nomad tip: To have everything in order and ease, it is better to stick to a smaller group especially when you have one lead curator. However, for larger groups, we’ll advice at least two curators.


Regardless of what you’ve seen on tv or the image you have of Nigerians, human beings are the same everywhere. So be on your guard, double check any and everything. You can never be too careful. Imagine having $40 we could not spend on the trip. I even suspect they do this a lot just to get the monies out of their country. We had an issue with the currency given to us at the Tanzanian immigration after purchasing our visas. Turns out the currency they gave us was dated 2006 and all establishments in the country only accept currencies from 2009. What a BUMMER!

Nomad tip: Always be careful and watchful of things around you. Double check anything (especially currencies) you buy or collect from anyone.


A lot of travelers do not purchase a travel/health insurance when traveling. This makes them pay for any damages, emergencies or loss on the trip. On the trip, we had a minor sea incident where one of the Nomads got pricked by sea urchins. Because there was no insurance, the affected nomad + the team leader had to foot the bill.

Nomad tip: with a travel insurance, even if not all, a large part of any loss, damage or health bill will be settled. It is important for every traveler. If you are a frequent traveler, getting a one year cover will be most ideal.


Not every street hawker is hawking to provide for themselves. Some are drug addicts selling you fake stuff so they have money to get a fix. We learnt this on our last day in Stone Town. Nigerians and bargains, we were super excited to find cheap things that looked the same of the more expensive ones in the store. But our guide let us know more than half of the street sellers are addicts with fake goods.

Nomad tip: Never rush to buy things that seem so cheap. Always ask your tour guide (though some guides might be in on the scam, lol) before buying anything or if you’re not sure of what you are is being sold.

So those are the lessons we learnt and must share with you. If you are ever considering Tanzania, try I make the trip. Do not let anything or anyone stop you from actualising your travel dream.

Been to Tanzania? We know people have mixed feelings about this destination; some think it’s over hyped, others love it to pieces.

We loved it mostly because of the people we traveled with. Everyone had something distinct and unique about them and we learnt from each other. We honestly think with most destinations, it’s a “some like it, some don’t” situation. Enjoying a trip is more about whobyou travel with and not the place itself.




Maru Maru Hotel, Zanzibar
Waiting for Manna from heaven, lol




Everyone wanted a photo with us!




Kene for the ladies them! 


under the coconut tree…literally!




Nomads in Tanzania signing OUT!!!


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