Frequently Asked Questions
Are your experiences only for ladies?
If we had a dollar for the amount of times we’ve been asked this? We accept men please!!! Men are generally not as adventurous as women but out of the Nomads who booked our trips in 2018, 10% were men.
Is your travel club exclusive? How can I join your club?
First off, it’s not a travel club! It might seem like it, but it’s not. We’ve just been lucky to have amazing friendships born out of our experiences. You’ll see us stanning and supporting each other on every social media platform out there. It’s infectious. All you need to join our “club” is sign up (book and pay) for any of our experiences
Some of your experiences were not even advertised or did we miss it?
Mahnnnnn, some experiences get sold out in a flash! Join the mailing list to get first dibs on all our 2019 experiences. Don’t say you were not warned
How do we make a payment for your nomad experiences?
Once you’ve booked an experience, an invoice will be sent to you with our Naira and USD bank details.
Why are your trips in USD? Are you not a Nigerian Company?
You cheeky lot! We are proudly Nigerian but let’s be honest our currency is s*** (excuse our French). The Naira is not an acceptable currency anywhere in the world, oh maybe in Benin republic but we are not going there anytime soon so yahh!. Companies in the travel space, regardless of their country, give quotes in either USD, Euros or British Pounds. No one gives you a quote in Naira. It also serves as a buffer for us in case of any currency fluctuation. The Naira is so volatile and it dances around like a masquerade.
When next are you exploring XXXX country?
XXXX represents a destination we’ve already conquered. Guys, there are 195/6 countries in this world and we’ve not even scratched the surface. We hardly repeat destinations, once it’s done, isallover!!!! In the alternative, you have the option to book a PERSONAL nomad experience at any time in the year.  This experiences will be advertised after we are back from our group nomad experiences.