Review of a Beautiful African-themed Spa – Hamamat African Village
Feb 02nd, 2020

Did you know there are many places to visit in Ghana when you go on vacation? One of the places is the Hamamat African Village. One of our friends, Rita, travelled to Ghana, visited the spa village and shared the review about the place. If not for Rita, maybe we would not have known about the place anytime soon. We went further to check out the place on Instagram and we were wowed!

Hamamat Village is such a beautiful place located in the central area of Accra Ghana at 31 Kofi Annan Street, pretty much at the upper east side. It is at a residential area not too far from the airport which makes it easy to locate for tourists/explorers.


I was drawn to visit the place because I follow Hamamat on Instagram. I pretty much saw the birthing of the whole village on Instagram. While she was constructing and putting the place together, it was a such beautiful process to watch seeing that someone could create something so magnificent just from mud/clay. She was also always portraying positivity about her homeland and how rich she believed in her culture. So, it was something I was looking forward to in sharing with her some of her cultural values and heritage as well. What will a Ghana trip be if I didn’t go the visit a spa house made in a mud house, that is gangster!


First of all, the customer service is dope! On my way to the village the cab I entered was not familiar with the address. I had to call the customer service representative to navigate us through the process. He was so warm and nice on the phone so much that I was looking forward to meeting the person on the end of the phone upon my arrival. That for me gave me a positive vibe that the village was full of amazing people. At the village, they provide different services. From pedicure to body massage and spa treatments, to selling of natural skin care products (shea butter, coconut oil, body scrub, black soap…etc). They also have a restaurant, where they cater to a fine private dining.

When I visited, I couldn’t gain access to the whole village itself as Hamamat was hosting some guests. I waited for her to finish with the guest before seeing her to speak about the village. The Village is made from everything African you can think of, from the chairs, tables, interior decor, there were hanging Lamps (Atupkas), animal dry skins used to embellish the wall. When I got there, they were even playing FELA’s music (that one just busted my brain).


Hamamat, however, is an awesome human being. She is full of life and you can see that when you visit the village. She relates with you like you are friends from way back, and that alone made me feel at home.

When you receive such reception, you are such to want to visit again and again, I didn’t book for that massage session so I can’t tell what products are used but when I asked, I was told very products used are all natural and are made raw from the village itself {that is one of the things I am looking forward to on my next trip to Ghana}


The Hamamat village is a place I feel one should visit whenever you find yourself in Ghana and you will be inspired and wowed at the same time. Hamamat Village showcases Africa in its true and real form that needs to be celebrated.

Have you heard or do you know about the Hamamat African village? If you have been there, how would you describe the place? If you haven’t been there, is it a place you would love to visit?


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