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  • “It was a well planned trip. Even when hitches were met, the workaround came quickly. I had more fun outside of Kigali, I wish we spent more time there.”
  • I loved the selection of travelers on the trip, each personality though different was mature and real fun-loving and I loved the itinerary of activities, the city selection and logistics. I would have loved a day set aside for 'do-nothing' though. I guess that wasn't so feasible because of the time for the trip, which is fine.
  • “Head Nomad and Commander-in-Chief of the troops. Thank you for curating an excellent Lebanese experience for us all. Words won’t do you justice so let me just 🙇🏾‍♀ 🙌🏽👍🏽✊🏽💪🏾🏆. You deserve major accolades, baybeeeeee!!!!”
    Kemi Onabanjo
    Nomad in Bey

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We curate and create unique experiences for the green passport holder. So imagine an online platform where you get all the latest travel news around the world, learn all the tips and tricks of traveling with a green passport, get inspiration from or inspiring fellow green passport travelers, sign up for their uniquely curated group trips, put in a request for a personalized trip, get itineraries for green passport friendly destinations or generally just banter about how frustrating our passport is! Let’s just call it THE GREEN PASSPORT MOVEMENT..
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