Winterfell in Algeria + 5 Places You Can See Snow in Africa
Jan 11th, 2018

When you think of snow, you think the US, Europe or Canada. However, we are here to tell you snow falls in Africa too! Yes, good old Africa has its own bits and bobs of snow from time to time. Some countries even have it every year. Our blogger friend, Amarachi, witnessed a snow blizzard in Morocco and it took some people by surprise. A blizzard in Africa? Wow!

I was so excited for Midelt. Here, I saw it snow for the first time! My excitement turned into worry as the snow turned into a blizzard. The roads got blocked and we spent an hour drinking mint tea with Moroccans while waiting for it to be cleared up. – @amarachiekekwe on Midelt, Morocco.

Algeria has been in the news for the past few days as snowfall hit one of the world’s hottest desert, the Sahara desert. It was such a beauty to behold, a photographers dream. We lowks envied all the people that got the chance to capture this beauty.

Snow in the Sahara


Snow in the Sahara



We were pleasantly surprised when we discovered it snowed in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). A couple of articles later, we found this Youtube video and we had to share with everyone! Skip to 12:00mins and see the beautiful  Rwenzori mountains covered in snow. You can also watch the full video which follows a group of aid workers who want to be the first to Ski in the DRC.

The park managers are doing a very good job under difficult circumstances…A trip like what we’ve done will help to highlight the amazing things people can do in that park. – Luigi MacBranye, Congo Ski club



Snow in Morocco is a regular occurrence such that there are top ski resorts offering a bunch of activities such as snowshoeing, freestyle skiing and cross-country skiing. Snow skiing is fast becoming a very popular holiday activity in Morocco.

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The two most popular ski resorts in the country include Oukaimeden and Jebel Mischliffen. Oukaimeden is perhaps one of the better established ones and it features a ski lift that will take you to a breathtaking 3268 meters above sea level. Ski Equipment can be rented and there are plenty of mountain trails that you can enjoy if you are not that into downhill skiing. –


You are most likely not going to find any snow in Capetown, Durban, Sandton or Port Elizabeth.  This link lists out 10 places in South Africa you’ll see snow in winter. We must confess we’ve never heard of any of the cities before and have penned them down for our next winter wonderland break! 


Do you want to build a snowman?


Like Morocco, Tunisia comes as no surprise. Perhaps its proximity to European countries like Italy is a huge “plus”. In 2017, some towns/villages in Tunisia had a horrible blizzard that trapped over 1,000 motorists and killed a nine year old girl. So sad.



Just out of curiosity, we decided to do a search on Lesotho and voila, this is what google says is the most searched phrases! We bumped Lesotho up our list when we read these cool facts about the country.  Lesotho is a country in Southern Africa, circled by South Africa. Its one of the smallest countries on the continent with a population of over 2 million people. Just to put it in perspective, Ibadan ( the third most populous city in Nigeria) has a population of other 3 million. Now that is tiny!  Of all the countries listed, Lesotho probably has the most bouts of snow. Its often tagged “the snowiest place in Africa” with ski season running from June-September.


There you have it! Five African countries where you can experience snow. Others not listed; Ethiopia, Uganda and Libya.

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