Nomads in Morocco: Why Morocco for Easter?
Mar 29th, 2018

Naija Nomads take over Morocco!!!

After months of planning for this trip, we can’t believe we are finally here.

Morocco is undoubtedly one of the amazing destinations that’s on most Nigerian travellers bucket list. The country has so far been drawing the attention of adventurous travellers through its beautiful scenery, rich foods, historic riads and many other fantastic things.


Many Nigerian travel influencers chose Morocco as their Easter vacation destination and we wonder what exactly is special that makes everyone wants to go here.

If we say slaying and doing a photoshoot in the desert is the main reason we picked this as a destination, you wouldn’t be far from the truth (lol).

On our trip, we have about 20 nomads and some of them have shared with us 1-2 reasons why they chose to have their vacation in Morocco.

NOMAD TOSIN: I am going for the foooooooodddddddd… just kidding. Always wanted to visit Morocco as I consider it an exotic destination. The rich culture aside, heard great things about the tagines. (I promise, I am not only going for the food).


NOMAD NKIRUKA: Umm. I actually chose Morocco because of my birthday that happened to coincide with Easter Monday. I didn’t choose it because of Easter 




NOMAD CHINYERE: My 2018 travel plan is to visit at least 2 African countries. … so when this trip came up it was perfect and secondly, there is something uniquely exotic about Morroco that I want to experience and I know I will on this trip.


NOMAD HADIZA: The first time I went to Morrocco was in 2009. It wasn’t as popular a destination as it is now. I loved it and truly felt like I had discovered Alaadin’s cave of wonders.
It’s been nearly a decade and I’m ready to revisit once more, as an adult, to discover a Morocco has to offer. I’m particularly looking forward to sampling the night life which I was too chicken to do last time.



NOMAD BOLUWATIFE: Morocco has been on my bucket list for a bit now and when NaijaNomads announced that they were going during Easter, I was totally here for that. I hear the weather is great at this time so that’s a plus!



NOMAD TOLA: Morocco for me was different from my usual holiday destinations. I also want to see other parts of Africa in real nomad style without having to do the visa & holiday wahala myself.


NOMAD EFUA: I chose Morocco because of the rich historical and cultural experiences, the culinary exploits (foodie alert) and the abundance of exciting activities.


NOMAD NGUHER: Always wanted to visit Morocco because it has some of my very favourite things. Very rich and colourful cultural heritage full of beautiful art and design (if you know me you’ll know that I’m very Afrocentric.) amazing landscape and architectural designs. Can’t wait to experience the dessert, shop in the souks and navigate the Medina’s. Ooh and I’ll get to taste the Moroccan mint tea….and of course the presence of different species of my favourite plants CACTI just does it for me….Morocco spells fun to me in every way. And to think that i can have all this fun within the shores of Africa is the most interesting part. AFRICA is truly blessed and we definitely need to explore more.


Our adventurous journey towards achieving the purpose of coming to Morocco has started. We will definitely enjoy ourselves and when we come back, we’ll have stories to share with you.

Where did you travel to for your Easter vacation or where are you planning to visit? You can share photos of your vacation at your chosen destination with us and tell us reasons why you chose the place. 

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