5 Reasons You Should Visit Namibia in 2019
Dec 21st, 2018

When choosing an African country to visit, most times, Namibia does not come to the mind. That’s because it is not really visited compared to other African countries. Namibia is a quiet nation with dense population but offers a lot to visitors.

Think of stunning landscapes, picturesque deserts, ancient buildings, getting far away from crowd, learning new culture, meeting new people and having unending adventures!! Yes, Namibia has all these and MANY MORE to offer!

Sometime last month, Mofe was on a trip to Namibia and her experience in the country was awesome, no doubt! You can read the essential things to note before going to Namibia in an article she wrote. Her experiences there were so amazing that we just had to include Namibia as one of our 2019 experiences.

If you haven’t considered visiting Namibia, here are 5 reasons why you should change your mind and put it on your 2019 travel list.


A lot of travelers are looking to visit unique destinations; destinations that have really not been explored by too many visitors. And Namibia happens to be relatively untouched and unspoiled. While the country has not been overexplored, you should take the chance to visit and have a great experience.


Namibia is really a magnificent, mysterious and magical nation to visit. The natural landscapes you find there is incomparable. At Sossusvlei, one of the most iconic destinations in Namibia, the sand dunes are so great that you can’t just overlook it. You will definitely want to climb.

Source: face2faceafrica.com



If you would like to stay away from crowd, then Namibia’s got you. It is one of the countries in the world with low population and this makes it a perfect destination for travelers who seek crowd-free travel.


Namibia homes the world’s oldest desert, the Namib Desert. A visit to Namibia will give you an entirely different perspective of desert. The scenery is really stunning and you just wonder if it’s truly natural.

Source: enchantingtravels.com



Is it really Africa if they can boast of wildlife? Namibia offers one of greatest attractions to visitors: the National Parks and there are over 20 parks in the Southern African country.

Source: onthegotours.com

Why not explore this beautiful country while things are still very natural and beautiful before it becomes over explored?

Have you been considering visiting Namibia but you don’t know how to go about it? We have it on our 2019 calendar and you can join us for an unforgettable experience.

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