4 Cool Birthday Getaway Destinations in Nigeria
Aug 01st, 2018

Yewande Salisu recently attended a birthday party where the celebrant was shy due to the number of people around. For many people, partying all the time may not be the most desired way to celebrate birthdays. At least not all the time. Sometimes, you just need some time apart to reflect and just be alone with one or two people that are dear to you. Sometimes, you need a getaway experience.

If you fall into this category of having a birthday getaway experience with few friends rather than a party, then check out a list of places you could visit here in Nigeria.


The resort is located in Ikaare Island, Satellite Town Lagos state and it’s about 1hour 30 minutes boat cruise from Victoria Island and 10 minutes boat cruise from Satellite Town waterside. The boat cruise going to Halemson beach resort is an adventure on its own, with the breeze from the Atlantic Ocean setting you in the mood for a wonderful experience.

Halemson Beach Resort is a tourist haven, with a rich blend of warm hospitality, African dish, good seafood cuisine, leisure boat cruise experience, indoor and outdoor games such as badminton, table tennis, Ludo, play cards, chess, monopoly basketball, volleyball, football, golf bunker, and darts. The lagoon provides the resort a wide expanse of water for fishing, canoeing, water skiing, boating, and guess what? The Atlantic Ocean has a very slow and smooth gradient for surfing! Already in the mood? Book an accommodation at the resort now. The accommodation at the resort is simple and comfortable for the comfort of visitors.

Source: logbaby.com


The endless white sands, the unspoiled coastline, crystalline colored sea and a great panorama is what makes Kamp Ikaare exotic. The resort is located at Ikaare Village, Badagry Lagos. It is not everyone who comes here, making it one of the finest in the country with enough privacy. If you want to get lost in the euphoria of Mother Nature and its impressive beautiful landscapes, Kamp Ikaare is where you need to be. Some getaway destinations are enviable and we are proud Kamp Ikaare is here in Nigeria.

Source: kampikaare.com



Hermitage Resort is a secluded resort on the untouched Lekki/Ajah Penninsular. A top tourist and getaway destination. Hermitage Garden Resort literally begs visitors to leave the kids at home because it allows more for personal reflection, love rekindling, friends’ reunion getaway, and adventures. The sound of the waves gushing to the shores of the beach, the feel of the soft beach sand on the feet has endeared so many people to the Hermitage Garden Resort. It’s one of the perfect destinations in Lagos waiting for you to explore without meddling from the fast-paced city life. It is seductively calm and its pleasures leave visitors asking for more. You can have that unforgettable magical gourmet meal here with your friends.

Source: travelfix.com


Ikogosi Warm Spring provides guests with a relaxing ambiance and stunning views. Located in Ekiti state, this getaway destination is for the adventurous ones who want to do something different and leave the hustles and bustle of their usual environment, especially those that live and work in Lagos. The natural spring is enchanting to watch, the meeting of hot and cold water is the highlight of this attraction. The resort provides relatively modern amenities to make visitors feel at home. This is the perfect place to wake up with the rising of the sun and get away from it all.

source: cometonigeria.com


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