Top 5 Beaches You Should Visit in Africa
Nov 14th, 2018

Africa is a continent in the world that homes a lot of beautiful nature friendly attractions to visit. From the East, to the West, South and even the North, the continent is truly blessed. But a lot of times, some African travelers do not really love exploring the continent. We understand how expensive it can be to travel within the continent but not withstanding, as Africans, we should consider exploring the hidden and untouched places in the continent.

When planning to travel or go on vacation with friends, family or partners, many travelers chose their destination for a particular reason. Some for the great cuisines, some for nice music culture while some choose based on their love for beaches. Many people are so in love with beaches that they don’t mind staying at the beach all through their stay in the country. However, choosing the best beach to visit can be very difficult as their are so many amazing beaches in the continent; from wild coasts to beautiful islands.

In this post, we have picked five beautiful beaches you should consider visiting if you are a lover of beaches and would love to explore Africa for this reason.


Cape Verde is no doubt one of the best destinations in Africa for beautiful islands and beaches. From the black volcanic sandy beaches to beautiful white sandy beaches, Cape Verde is truly blessed with gorgeous beaches. Santa Maria beach is one of the beautiful sand beaches in the nation. With no stones or pebbles on the beach, you will definitely enjoy walking in barefeet.



Tanzania is a very beautiful destination, especially for people who love beaches. The nation has quite a number of amazing beaches you can relax. Some of the best beaches in this country can be found at Nungwi at Zanzibar.



The island beach is one of the best beaches in Mozambique. The turquoise water beach which empties its content into the India ocean is a very beautiful sandy beach you should definitely visit when you are in Mozambique.



Located on the Eastern coast of Mauritius, Belle Mare is a very beautiful beach you should wake up to see. The amazingly quiet beach is well known for its white sands.



With white sand, cool breeze, and turquoise water that looks so unreal, this beach is one of the best beaches to appreciate nature. It is located in La Digue in Seychelles.



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