4 of the Least Visited Countries in Africa You Should Consider Visiting Next Year
Nov 21st, 2018

Africa is a continent with great diversity. From beautiful desert to picturesque beaches to lush environment to heavenly islands. But with all these great features in the continent, some countries still are not recognised.

Countries like Egypt, Seychelles, Morocco, South Africa etc receive millions of visitors annually but a few countries struggle to get over a hundred thousand tourists every year. Not that these countries do not have beautiful sites to attract visitors but many of them are not explored due to political unrest.

Here are 4 countries in Africa many people do not get to visit. You may want to consider adding one of these countries on your travel list next year.


São Tomé and Príncipe is a small island nation in Central Africa. The country has some beautiful attractions to offer tourist ssuch as the Obo National Park where visitors can watch birds. Also, the country is known for whale watching, fishing and scuba diving. There are  beautiful Portuguese architectures in the country which also attract few tourists.

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Libya is a country in the Northern region of Africa. The country borders with Sudan, Mediterranean Sea, Egypt, Chad, Niger, Tunisia and Algeria to the Southeast, North, East, South and West respectively. Due to the clashes and political unrest in the country, a lot of tourists hardly visit. But for the brave tourists, the nation has some beautiful attractions to offer. There are amazing historical heritage and archeological sites in the country.

Source: whc.unesco.org



This country is a beautiful nation divided into the mainland and the island. There are five volcanic islands in which Bioko Island is the most popular islands of the five. Equitorial Guinea is quite known for many natural wonders it has. The naturally beautiful white sand beaches, untouched jungles and volcanic views are just numerous. The nation best suits lovers of nature and animals as there are many primates living in the rain forest.

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South Sudan is one of the newest countries in Africa that just got independence although still battling with civil war. The nation, although faced with political unrest, daring tourists still enjoy hospitality from some of the citizens. The country is blessed with very rich culture and delicious cuisines. There are also beautiful sites in the country.

Source: theworld-travel.blogpost.com

There you have some of the least countries tourists visit in Africa. Meanwhile, if you are thinking of visiting a destinationany people don’t explore, you can consider visiting one of these countries.

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