Visa Free Africa 2019: a Writing Competition for Young African Travelers
Mar 26th, 2019

Africa is one of the largest and fast growing continents in the world. However, travelling Africa has always been a big struggles for African travelers, especially when it comes to obtaining visas to certain destinations. Every year, a lot of Africans (youths majorly) experience visa rejection and this has led to some of the youths missing out on opportunities such a potential profitable businesses, good jobs etc.

In a bid to address this issue and bring a change to how we travel within Africa, Kigali Global Shapers initiated a writing competition called Visa Free Africa.


The writing competition is part of the campaign raised to address spread awareness on why Visa free Africa shoulod be implemented. This competition will also allow young African travelers share their personal African visa struggles with the world. If you have ever faced any challenges obtaining visa to travel within Africa, this competition is open to you. It is a great opportunity for young Africans to share their personal visa rejection story and stand a chance to win a cash prize.



To participate in the competition, here are the things you need to know/do

For more information about the competition, please check here.


As an African, we need an Africa that is easily accessible, without any barrier. A visa free Africa is all we ask for! We hope something can be done about this soon.

Have you ever had issue obtaining visa to African countries? We would like you to share your stories with us. You can also sign a petition for a visa free Africa here.

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