Virgin One Aims to Launch Hyperloop System in Abu Dhabi by 2020
Nov 5th, 2018

As technology is advancing, new and innovative ways of doing things are emerging. One of the innovative technologies is the introduction of train system that moves at the same speed as a plane. With the same speed as airplane, travelers can travel a long distance by cutting down a large fraction of time with Hyperloop system. The innovative transport technology is one that will revolutionise travel.



Hyperloop is a technology that uses electromagnets to accelerate the speed of trains through a low-pressure tube. It was first innovated 5 years ago by Elon Musk, a billionaire investor and entrepreneur.

Currently, there are two companies competing to launch the hyperloop system in the UAE; Virgin One, an American firm and Hyperloop Transportation Technology, a California based firm.

While speaking with CNBC, the CEO of Virgin Hyperloop One, Rob Lloyd said;

”When we look at the technology we’re developing, when we look at the progress we’ve made, when we look at the fact that we’ve built a proof of concept already — I think we’re going to change people’s lives,”

Virgin One is already accelerating work and aim to launch the supersonic transport system in the UAE by 2020. As at December last year, $295 million was already raised for the project.


One main difference between the Hyperloop system and a regular train is that the Hyperloop moves through tubes and the pod floats in air rather than on rails which is very common to the regular train.

Early this year, Virgin unveiled a prototype of the pod that will carry passengers at a speed of 1200km/h. After launching the Hyperloop pod in the UAE, it’ll take passengers traveling between Abu Dhabi and Dubai 12 minutes to travel the 140km as opposed to 1 hour 20 minutes travelers take to drive the distance.

According to Virgin, the possible routes include a line between Dubai and Abu Dhabi and between Mumbai on India’s west coast and the inland city of Pune.

While speaking with CNN, the  company’s Managing Director for the Middle East and India region, Harj Dhaliwal, said the office will be based in Dubai.

“We are actually setting up our first office outside of the US in Dubai.”


Moving at an airplane’s speed, the hyperloop system could be a very fast, cheaper (than air travel) and convenient way to travel between cities, as opposed to traveling by road, thereby cutting down time of travel.

Improvement in technology means a lot in almost every sector, especially the travel and tourism sector. With the Hyperloop System, travelers will find it easier to travel and explore more places.  

We feel this innovation is a very good one and it will really boost travel and tourism between the two cities. What do you think about this innovation?

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