Virgin Hotels Offers Flexible Check in Times, Street Priced Mini Bar Items & No Hidden Fees
Feb 21st, 2019

There’s always something new disrupting the travel space and we are here to give you all the tea. We first heard about Virgin Hotels about 3 years go but this tweet from Richard Branson himself made us dig further.

The Billionaire-happy business man, investor, author, philanthropist and world-traveler launched Virgin Hotels first in 2015. The Virgin Group acquired a 27-story building in Chicago for $14.8 million. January 15, 2015, the first Virgin Hotel opened in Chicago, Illinois.

The brand focuses on simple amenities that offer a bit of the unexpected: things like free Wi-Fi, no fee for pets, no cancellation fees, hassle-free late checkout, and street pricing on snacks and the minibar, but also larger room space for guestrooms (called chambers), a complimentary cocktail hour for guests (at the convenient time of 7:00 p.m.), the nicest hotel gym I’ve ever seen, and a digital concierge service, called Lucy. –


Virgin always staying on brand! Peep the red fridge!

We also searched tripadvisor reviews and the ratings are at a whooping 4.5/5 which is amazing. Apart from the awesome service, most comments expressed excitement about the items in the mini bar being street prices. No one wants to pay $20 for a can of coke that costs less than $2. Being a well traveled individual, Richard Branson identified our needs as travelers and is catering to those needs. Also, who doesn’t want flexible check in/ check out times? We all do! Maximum satisfaction and comfort during and after a lodging experience is key. Virgin Hotels is currently in two locations, Chicago and San Fransisco, and plan to have at least 9 by 2020.

Virgin Hotels has arrived and we’re here to wake up the world with smarter alternatives for travellers. For years many hotels have provided services and facilities that are tired and lack excitement, customers are being nickel and dimed and the most basic comforts are being ignored. But that has all changed now.


Ever stayed in a Virgin Hotel? We haven’t but we’ll surely check them out whenever we are in San Fran or Chicago!

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