Trip to Cappadocia, Turkey: Top 5 Things to Do as a Tourist
Mar 27th, 2019

Turkey is no doubt one of the best destinations to visit. The country is really packed with different activities to try; from adventures, trying out new cuisines to getting unforgettable body massages and many more. It is a destination we possibly can’t stop goshing over, especially Cappadocia.

Early this year, Denye, a Nigerian traveler represented Naija Nomads on a trip to the country courtesy The Abuja Times and he was really glad he did. In this article, he shares top 5 things a tourist should do when in Cappadocia. We hope you enjoy this article as much as we did. 


A breathtaking experience and a must do in Cappadocia is taking a Hot Air Balloon ride.

Due to the popularity with locals and tourists, it is recommended that you book ahead of time for this activity especially during the summer (April to October). There are over 25 Hot Air Balloon companies in Cappadocia, so you will have many options to choose from.

Warning: Pick up time for sunrise hot air balloon rides can be as early as 5 a.m.

You will move from your hotel as early as 5:00 AM and 6:00 AM, off to the take-off point where you will get to see various stages of inflating a hot air balloon. When inflation is complete, you will be instructed and assisted into the basket which is divided into five sections; four for the passengers and the middle for the pilot.

The pilot will give you safety instructions before TAKE OFF! Take-off is very subtle, and flying will feel more like coasting peacefully through the air. You won’t really feel the wind because the hot air balloons usually travel at the same speed of the wind. The view from the hot air balloon is more than breathtaking and every moment spent on it will make you reluctant to descend.

You will have perfect views of fairy chimneys, rock formations and drift over magnificent caves. While descending, many other hot air balloons will come into sight, painting the atmosphere with various colors, Flight time will be between 45 to 60 minutes.

Landing is just as wonderful as take-off. Safety procedures will be taken before exit and everyone will celebrate with a glass of champagne.


One of the top ten places I would recommend everyone to stop by when in Cappadocia is the Galerie Ikman carpet and rug shop.

On entry, Mr. Sedat Ikman will inform you about house rules relating to taking pictures.

There are different prices for a range of photos, giving you different options to choose from; for example, to take a variety of pictures in shop would cost 50 lira but when you want to add a bit of culture and choose to dress in a Turkish attire that they provide,hat will incur extra charges (additional 50 lira).

The owner, Mr. Sedat Ikman, is also a professional photographer.He offers his help to either take photos of you on an iphone or DSLR camera for no additional charge. The experience at Galerie Ikaman is one to remember. It is a place embodied with history, culture, and warmth. Hence, the recommendation.


There are thirty-six underground cities in Cappadocia, Kaymakli underground city being the largest and most popular.The city dates back to 3000 BC and was constructed under the citadel of Kaymakli hill.The common belief by many historians is that it sheltered about 3500 people during the Hittites era.It consists of 8 underground levels, which only 4 levels are free from public restrictions.


Kaymakli underground city has narrow tunnels which may cause you to crouch or crawl through if you are tall.Despite being built without electricity or modern tools, the city benefits from top notch architectural designs.Mapping out areas to serve as storage rooms, wineries, kitchens, ventilation shafts, and living areas.The charge on entry is 35 lira per person. You can also negotiate to hire a guide at the entrance.


Explore the most popular tourist sites in Cappadocia by signing up for its signature tour. You will visit the popular tourist sites associated with Cappadocia.


The Goreme Open Air Musuem is the most popular tourist site in Cappadocia. You will get to explore rock pillars that were carved into masteries and churches which date back to the middle ages.


Amazing landscape view over Goreme. You’ll be given time to take awesome photo’s at the best Panorama viewpoint


The monks valley is famous for its three headed fairy chimneys,You can also hop on a camel at this valley.


Famous for its lunar-like landscape of small, pointed fairy chimneys. The valley has many animal-shaped rocks. Some of the most commonly seen shapes include camel, snake, seals, and dolphin.


Excelent Buffet menu with a variety of traditional turkish dishes


You will visit a Pottery workshop and be informed about red clay work and ceramics. There will also be a demonstration on how the pots are made with the ancient Technic called free-hand.


While in Cappadocia, why not try out some traditional Turkish food garnished with a bit of history at Dibek restaurant? Among the list of delicacies on the menu, the one I’d consider my personal favorite, is the Testi Kebabi (Pottery Kebab) served with rice and salad and you are given a choice of either chicken, beef or lamb.

This meal is special not only because of the quality taste, but because of the way they prepare it. To prepare the meal, they put your choice of meat in a special pot, which is then put in a clay oven for approximately 2 hours. The pot is then removed from the oven and cracked open in your presence. For your convenience, you may have to place an order in advance as it takes time to prepare.

Eating out at Dibek teaches you the Turkish culture while filling your belly! They serve food on flat tables on the floor with cushions around the tables for your comfort. Enjoy eating the Turkish way!

Have you ever been to Cappadocia, Turkey? We would love to read your amazing experience and the top things you would recommend tourists do there.

Article and images source: Denye

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