Trip Advisor Allegedly Promotes Hotels Facing Sexual Assault Allegations
Mar 6th, 2019

Trip Advisor is one of the best tools many travelers turn to for travel advice, as their name says. With over 400 million users every month, this travel site ranks the largest travel site in the world. To us, it is a must-tool when curating our experiences. The travel site has no doubt been useful to us. Over the years, the platform has helped in promoting so many destinations, hotels, tourists attraction, tour guides and almost every aspect of a trip.

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For quite some time, the site, according to many users, has allegedly been promoting hotels facing sexual assault allegations.

Yesterday, there’s an article published by Guardian and has been causing quite a lot of outrage online.In the report, two women said they were raped by some men who were working with hospitality companies travel site promotes.

While speaking with Guardian, a woman who was sexually assaulted by one of the staff of a hotel she lodged, whose name was not disclosed expressed her dissatisfaction after the travel platform asked her to put the irritating experience in writing, as a review on the site.

“I was in disbelief. Am I seriously being asked to recall the humiliating details of my own sexual assault? Was this global company pushing me to relive my trauma on their forum for everyone to see and comment, or worse of all for the perpetrator who is still out there, to respond to me, troll me? It left me feeling shattered, hopeless and alone.”


Following the release of this article, many twitter users have expressed their concerns and hatred for how the travel site is handling the issue.

Outside the luxury and comfort we seek when we lodge in hotel, another important thing everyone wants is security. For many years, there has been cases of sexual assault, theft and all sorts of vices happening in different hotels around the world. If the safety of a guest is not guaranteed, at least, then such hotel should not be recommended to others.

Rape is morally not justified and as a travel site, the action requires to be addressed and corrected.  We hope Trip Advisor can take necessary actions to address it before the site starts losing their reputation in the travel space.

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