Travel Photography: 3 Reasons You Should Travel With a Tripod
Jun 21st, 2019

Photos taken on vacation are a good way of keeping memories. Almost everyone who goes on vacation love to take one or two pictures so they can share on their social media platform or just keep for future purpose. Getting someone to take your photos when you travel is very good, especially when the person is so good and takes real nice pictures, gets the best angle and all.

Travelling with someone makes it very easy to take as many pictures as you want. But when you travel solo, you may not get the chance. Although being a solo traveller, you can still ask strangers to help take your pictures but trust me, not every one of them will be willing to put up with your quest for many pictures. Most of the time, the photos might not even come out as you wanted it to be. But can you complain? No you can’t! I will recommend every traveller has this piece of equipment – THE TRIPOD!

There are times when I want to take pictures, I try to get a good angle and just direct someone to take the exact picture with me in it,  but guess what, they never (most of the pictures actually) come out nice. Recently, it happened again and I said to myself “girl, it’s time you get yourself a tripod”.

In this article, I will be explaining, in brief, reasons why you need to get yourself a tripod.


With a tripod, you get to take better photo of yourself if there is no one to help. With a tripod, you can set your perfect angle to take the pictures from and it is taken perfectly! This makes your photos look a bit more professional rather than when you try to take with your selfie stick.


Most time, making a video by holding the camera or phone is usually not steady. It is best to set your device on a tripod for this and you’ll see how still and professional your video comes out.


Having your own tripod, you do not need to keep pestering other people to help take your pictures. There are some travellers who can take a thousand shots in a minute and most of the time, this act tend to annoy the person with the camera. With your tripod, you are free to take as many photos as you like without having to be disturb anyone.

As a traveller who loves to capture moments, a tripod is an essential item to travel with. You should add a tripod to your photography kit if you don’t have one. This will help you take better photos without you having to bug strangers or even friends to assist you. And yes, the tripod will also help you get good angles without much effort.

When travelling solo, how do you take your photos? Do you have a tripod you use or you beg your partner, friends or strangers to take your photo?

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