Travel Movies/shows on Netflix to inspire your wanderlust
Apr 1st, 2020

We know it can be frustrating and boring some times during the lockdown especially for frequent travellers, who would rather be hopping on one flight or in a fancy air b n b. Movies are a great escape from reality and at this time they could also serve as motivation for your next voyage. Since we can't travel for now, these are some amazing travel movies and shows on Netflix that will take you around the world while still seating on your couch.

1 Seven years in Tibet ( 1997)


2. Up North ( 2018) 

3. Eat Pray Love ( 2010) 


4. Coming to America (1988)


5. The world's Most Extraordinary Homes  (2017)


6. The Hangover ( 2009)


7. The Tourist ( 2010)


8. The Bucket List ( 2007)


9. The African doctor ( 2016)


10. Tales by Light ( 2015)


Which of these movies are you going to see and which of them have you already seen?

Get ready to start globetrotting because after you watch these movies you would be planning your next trip.... LOL. Don't forget that Naija nomads is always there for your travel needs.

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