Travel Conversation: Is Vacation a Waste of Money?
Jun 8th, 2019

Being in the travel space, you’ll get to learn new things, explore new places, get to read/hear travelers experiences and also know different peoples opinion about travel. You just get know quite a lot!

Over the years, I have got to hear many people talk about there beautiful travel moments, awful travel experiences (which doesn’t even stop them from traveling) and how they have benefited from it. I have hardly hear people give a total NO to vacations until recently.

Some days ago one of our team members had a conversation with someone who kept on saying “going on VACATION is a waste of money”. I was surprised actually, but not too surprised because …

We took the conversation to our twitter page to know what others feel about vacation and here’s what many people said. You can follow to join the conversation and read people’s responses here.

We also got a response from a person who said the person who said it is probably poor.

Well, he is financially OKAY and he travels once in a while (ONLY when he has conferences to attend).


…vacation is always a good idea and it’s one of the best gifts you can give yourself. Going on vacation doesn’t have to cost you a arm and a leg. There are quite a lot of affordable destinations (local and international) you can visit to get over the stress from your daily routine. If the cost of traveling is what makes you think vacation is expensive and a waste of money, you can always try local destinations.

There are a lot of beautiful places in the country you can visit. You can start from there and take your vacation to another level.

In your opinion, do you think going on vacation is a good idea?

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