Travel Conversation: Have You Been to a Country If You Only Had a Stopover There?
May 9th, 2019

For the second time, we asked our subscribers on different social media platforms if they consider a country as one they have visited if they only stopped over there without even leaving the airport.

Sometime in March, we did a poll on our Instastory with 225 people and 64% of the subscribers disagreed with while the other 36% agreed that it’s fine to add a layover country to the list if countries visited.


A few days ago, we took to our twitter page to ask the same question and the tweet received a lot of engagement.


Is it right to say you have been to a country if you only had a short stopover there? (Without even leaving the airport)


10:32 - 4 May 2019

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In our opinion, we do not think having a stopover in a country equals being in that country. You should relate with the locals, try out new things, explore a few places before you can say you’ve been to a country. Sitting in the airport doing almost nothing, you can’t honestly say you have been there.

Do do you think having a stopover at one country also means you have visited the country and then you tick it off your travel list?

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