Travel Conversation: Blacks Don’t Really Visit Resorts in W/Africa. Is This True?
Apr 6th, 2019

A few days ago, we came across Gossy’s tweet and decided to take it to our Instagram page so we could discuss with our dear subscribers

Is it that we Africans/Blacks don’t like to visit resorts in the Western region of the continent? For whatever reason why these West African Resorts don’t have more black travellers, we believe there’s a reason.

According to, Mofe, the time to fly to these countries within the region can be very long. Few years back, she took a trip to a resort in The Gambia where she and her partner were the only blacks guests. Her expectation was actually different from what she got, so in her own perspective, she figured one of the reasons why blacks don’t usually visit resorts in West Africa.

”A few years back, when the USD wa still somewhat friendly against the Naira, I spent 3 nights at @coco_ocean_resort_official in Gambia and my partner and I were the ONLY black guests at the resort. I picked Gambia because I thought it would take me 2 hours to get there from Lagos and photos from the resort looked great. The resort was amazing (I had one of my best massages there) BUT my flight too 6 hours ! In that time, I’ll be in South Africa, France or Germany or good old England. It shouldn’t take me that long to fly within the region.”


As expected, quite a lot of people engaged and shared their thought on the topic.  

As Africans generally, we feel it is quite ridiculous to travel within the continent and spend more than usual. Little wonder why many people prefer to take their vacations to countries outside the continent, that offer more for less.

What’s your take on many Africans not visiting resorts in West Africa? We would love to read from your thought on this issue. We never can tell who will read this. 

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