Summer Travel Style (#Buyafrican)
Jun 16th, 2015

From statement sunglasses and comfortable shoes, to beach totes and maxi dresses, Naijanomads X StyleMeAfrica brings you summer essentials from African Brands. 

Hi Travelistas! Summer’s here 🙂

  Who is excited? Who has a trip planned, bags packed and ready to go? I get EXTREMELY excited about holidays and summer is definitely my favorite season in the year. To get ready for my summer holiday, my typical routine (in no particular order) includes exploring tripadvisor day and night, getting my summer bod ready and purchasing my summer essentials. I like to budget/plan everything to the nines and I avoid purchasing anything during my holiday (my money goes to adrenaline pumping activities and of course FOOD).

Getting my summer essentials has to be the hardest part of my preparation. Are you one of those that get super aggy before a vacation and scrambles the entire internet/boutiques for summer “baffs”? I definitely am! No one wants to be seen in the same bikini they took 1,000 pictures in last summer. I always want a new bikini or new shades or a new maxi dress. Next is thinking of someone in England or America that will be kind enough to bring your summer “baffs” in time for your holiday. (Readers who live in Africa can definitely relate) So stressful!

To take the stress away from you and I, African fashion labels have taken the industry up a notch and believe me when I say EVERY summer essential can be gotten here or online. So exciting!

So here is a list of all your summer essentials made by African brands!

THE MAXI DRESS: You can never have too many! A maxi dress is perfect for any country you decide to visit this summer, whether Bhutan or Croatia. Check out this maxi from DZYN.  

SHORTS : Nothing screams summer like daisy dukes but not everyone is comfortable with their butt cheeks hanging around the streets of Madrid. For a safer length and cut, you should definitely take a cue from fashion blogger Dodos cop these cutesies from Ayaba.

SKIRTS: It will be wrong to assume everyone is taking a trip to the Bahamas or St Lucia. For those traveling to more conservative countries, this maxi skirt by Chen Burkett NY or midi skirt by Stella Jean will make for the perfect skirt!

COMFY SHOES: Move over, havaianas! Hello Kene Rapu! The possibilities are endless with this brand.. So many to choose from

BATHING SUIT: Fashionable, affordable and figure complementing is exactly what a KAMOKINI bathing suit is. This sleeveless scuba malliot will be perfect for anyone who isn’t comfortable showing too much skin and wants to be sexy at the same.

SUNGLASSES: Dapmod has the “awesomest” collection of sunglasses ever! They have both statement and classic pieces + each item in their collection cost N5, 000! Talk about being affordable and stylish at the same time.

BAG: Safety-first travelistas! It is important to keep our money and gadgets safe and that cute tote you intend to take this holiday is a catcall to bag slashers. Why not ditch that tote and make a statement with these bags by Maju (Straps are detachable).

If you are however heading to the beach and need a tote, then these Furaha totes will help you stand out.

SUN HATS: The fedora is the ultimate stylish hat! Keep the sun away with this beautiful fedora from Ohema Ohene

Any other summer essentials we could have missed? Please share 🙂


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