Romanian Wedding Culture: the Thumb Rule Is the Most Hilarious Thing I’ve Ever Heard
May 23rd, 2019

Just went i thought i have heard and seen it all this came up. The Romanian wedding culture is more like the most hilarious thing i have ever heard. But then that is the thing about culture is that it can both be fascinating and well as absurd depending on where you fall. If you fall in the receiving end you can find it amazing and vice versa. So recently we saw a tweet about someone’s experience about the Romanian culture which is like the funniest travel/wedding chronicles I’ve ever heard.

You know how that in Nigeria, one thing you should go with when going for a wedding is a wrapped gift. And this is not even compulsory. You can go with a gift or not, some would even rather send money to the couple which can be more handy you know. But basically, there is no right or wrong in giving gifts or cash.

It is a lot different in Romania.


In Romania the bride and groom are responsible for their own wedding costs but they do not do it alone. They get support from their entire network of friends, neighbors, family, and colleagues especially the ones attending the wedding ceremony. It is known as the “thumb rule”.

Now at the party just after the joining at the church, You have to put money in an envelope and trust me, whatever you are giving must at least cover basic things like your menu, drinks and even the space for the location per person. If what you are giving does not cover for these things, it can just be seen as you did not give anything.

The rule of the ‘thumb’ is that the amount gifted must be between 400-500 lei (Romanian currency) which is about 90-120 US Dollars. Giving less can lead to you receiving a backlash from the couples


Like there is a saying that “no matter how bad something is, there is always a good side to it”. This applies to this culture as well. The thing about the money given at a Romanian wedding can be regarded to as a type of  advanced loan. because whatever you give will come back to you.

When a two people decides to get married, their league of friends, neighbors, relatives will celebrate with them financially. The money collated is used to pay for the wedding and the honeymoon, and help them get their new life together.

Later, when each of those guests has their own wedding, they will also receive money to start their new life. One thing is certain, whatever you give will come back to you. The whole idea makes wedding an auspicious ceremony in Romania. The more weddings you attend, the more most likely you will receive in cash for your own wedding.

This continues even when you get married, you still continue giving cash at other people’s wedding. And it continues to go around just like that.

So now let us hear it from you guys, what do you think about the Romanian wedding culture?

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