Namibia Visa: You Can Submit Your Application Through Lagos Processing Desk
Oct 20th, 2018

Four months ago, Air Namibia inaugurated their first flight to Lagos providing travelers interested in visiting the country easier way to fly. But to get a visa in Nigeria, you have to visit the Namibian Embassy in Abuja.


Recently, the airline made the process easier by opening an operational office in the southwestern region of the country. Now applicants can submit their visa applications at the Lagos Visa Processing Desk.


The Processing Desk operates via drop-box system. This allows applicants submit their necessary documents and evidence of visa fee payment and the documents are sent to Abuja by an In-house courier service provider. The same courier returns your document to the Lagos processing desk when they grant/do not grant the application .

While some people might be busy and not able to submit/pick up the application in person, they can appoint agents or representatives to do so on their behalf through a letter of authorisation.

Office address: 45, Oduduwa Way, GRA Ikeja.

P.S: The courier fee is at the expense of the applicant. 

Source: African Travel News

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