Naijanomads X Unravelling Nigeria: Recap of Our Wander Hub Event
Mar 29th, 2019

After many months of complaining about not having fun pop ups in the Nigerian travel ecosystem, Mofe and Lola decided to bring a change by launching the WANDER HUB community, a community where travelers, travel content creators, writers, tour operators and EVERYONE in the travel can come together to banter about travel.

On the 17th of March, the maiden edition of the community launched. On this day, a good number of people who subscribed for the event came together to learn, discuss, eat, and have fun! (When you hear Naija Nomads, you should know you are in for fun).

For those wondering how the event happened, here is a recap for you. We hope you enjoy reading as much as we enjoyed ourselves on that day.


The event was on a Sunday and was scheduled to start at 4.00PM. Being an event that had an element of fitness, we partnered with THE YOGA SPOT Lekki, and we got to use the yoga studio. Due to the free spa vouchers Juvenis Spa decided to gift out to the first 5 people, quite a lot of people arrived before the time and one even arrived before the hosts. (Good way to get people to arrive at an event on time, right? lol!). As people were coming in, they were welcomed to the studio a pair of socks (shoes weren’t allowed). They also got served a cup of either water or orange juice, just to make them feel cool and relaxed.


At 4PM (no African time), the co-founders of the community opened the event with self introductions and everyone followed their lead by picking random questions from the basket before introducing themselves and carrying out the tasks their questions had. This immediately changed the whole mood and everyone was just ready to talk and have fun.

Right after the introduction section had set everyone in the mood, Moji, a representative of Juvenis Spa gave a short massage lessons people can try to relieve the stress of jet lag. It was really an amazing session. Not just because of the massage lessons but because people were eager to know who won the spa vouchers! Tosin Oyewole was the first to arrive (before the hosts) and he was presented with a gift from the spa company. The other winners were, however, sent their voucher via email.

How are we using a yoga studio and not try out some basic yoga moves? Micheal who is the gym instructor patiently gave a short but wonderful yoga session not only did he talk, he also showed us the moves and almost everyone participated.


What’s a fun event without games? After the yoga, we proceeded to the CHARADES game. While this was going on, our guests were getting served sumptuous foods by our very own Mrs Kush. We had varieties from chicken wings, cakes, muffins, sandwiches, small chops and a lot more. Talk about drinks, there was enough to drink; soft drinks, juices, alcohol, smoothie.

For the smoothie, we had Bike and Blend around to give us some nourishing blends. Guests were allowed to ride and blend their smoothies themselves. Not only was this fun, it was also a way of burning some extra calories.

Also by the side guests were interacting with each other, sharing contacts, discussing businesses, playing games such as the Limbo Bar, Twister, Ludo, cards and many more.

Of course we didn’t forget to take pictures! We took lots and lots of them and you can find them on our highlight on instagram. It was a really beautiful atmosphere with amazing personalities around.

Did you like the recap of our WANDER HUB event? The next edition will come up by next quarter. You really do not want to miss it.


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