Little Nomad’s Home Coming
Nov 9th, 2016


little nomad's homecoming

Having a baby abroad is becoming so popular in naija. Everyone wants their babies to have blue passports for various reasons. Dual citizenship, better health care, easy access to grants and scholarships when they get into college, more affordable college fees or just going with the flow, I think it’s a great investment and if you have the means please do not hesitate to go for it! When I had my baby 4 months ago, I was aware of 25-30 people having babies abroad around the same period and I am sure if we check statistics, about 300-500 people have babies abroad in a year (don’t quote me lol). Nairaland was our go to resource for the best doctors, hospitals and locations to have a baby in the Us or Canada. Shout out to Nairaland for saving first time “baby abroad” moms since 1800!

“Hectic”, “stressful”,  “exhausting” were the common adjectives used to describe the journey back home. One of my friends even described it as the toughest part of her “baby abroad” sojourn. She packed a lot of unnecessary items and ended up looking like a homeless person at the airport. Unfortunately for her she got little or no help that day. I was really worried so I did a bit of research, asked loads of questions and tried to go travel as light as possible. So here’s a list of essential items you’ll need for your flight back to Nigeria (trust me, you do not need anything else).



Do you think I missed any essential item? What items did you consider unnecessary when coming back home with your baby? Kindly share with your mama friends having their babies abroad.

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