Kerala Blog Express: A Lifetime Opportunity
Jan 8th, 2018

It’s exciting to see when tourism boards have actual plans and execute them so excellently well. Kerala blog express is on their 5th edition and this great opportunity is open to travel bloggers, vloggers and photographers from all over the world. The first time we heard of it was two years ago and we made an attempt to apply. We didn’t even go through the first stage. Welp! The opportunity is open again and it will be exciting to see a Nigerian travel blogger/vlogger(s) make the cut!

How about some diversity Kerala?
How about some diversity Kerala? – source:



Kerala is one of the most beautiful regions in Malabar, India and often referred to as God’s own country.

Kerala, with its staggering greenery, myriad waterways & enchanting traditions, is a timeless gift. Its endless shoreline, impenetrable forests & nightlong art forms, are waiting to be rediscovered. Wrapped in a lush green carpet, surrounded by sprawling tea hills & dotted with welcoming palms, Kerala packages a trip of a lifetime, made heady with the scent of cardamom and cloves punctuated with dreamy morning strolls, memorable sunsets, and idyllic village life scenes. With Kerala Blog Express, sample workday feasts, participate in everyday celebrations & Unravel Kerala, one experience at a time. –


Kerala tourism ,for five years now, have put together something called “Kerala blog express” which brings together 30 select travel bloggers from all over the world. The bloggers are treated to an all expense paid trip; accommodation, feeding and tours all-inclusive. Flights are borne by you but you’ll be compensated 70% or $1,000 (whichever is less) at the end of the trip. Selected participants will embark on a road trip covering about 2,300km or more. The duration is for two weeks which will cover Kerala from South to North. You’ll also be expected to document your experience after the trip. It’s going to be a rare privilege to explore Kerala with travel bloggers from all over the world!


It’s really so simple! Registration is still ongoing, closes on the 10th of March, and the trip flags off on the 18th of March. Anyone can register for the online campaign. Right after filling up the required information on the portal, you’ll get notified if selected. And after selection your profile will be set up and you’ll have to canvass for votes. Profiles with the highest number of votes automatically get a spot in the Kerala blog express. Click here for more information. 

Will you be joining the Kerala blog express? You have till the 10th of January to join, get selected and canvass for votes! For more on Kerala, check out this article

*Update, we entered for the competition again and our profile was approved! Please vote for us via this link and lets take Nigeria to the world!


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