John Boyega Rocked #Decemberinlagos Like No Other and We Learnt a Few Things from Him
Jan 12th, 2018

Of all the I just got backs (IJGB’s) in town this past Christmas, no one rocked December in Lagos like our dear Finn! We follow him on every social Media platform and at some point we wondered if as experience curators, most importantly Nigerians, we were doing this Nigeria thing (showcasing our country) right. He really schooled us on how to have an amazing time in Nigeria. He went to the beach, art galleries, the theatre, shrine, live shows, the annual Calabar carnival, hung out with Nollywood’s finest and got invited to the best parties in December. Everyone wanted him at their event. He had a BALL and then some!

Check out some of the places John Boyega visited during his time in Nigeria:


The photos documenting your stay in Lagos are inspiring. Thank you for sharing the journey. – @ranaemerson

@itsoseiza– thank you for letting the world see some of the beauty in Nigeria ?? ??????

@ibonoracle – You on massive naija tour. You taking it all in. #jealous

@llucidl– I’m so happy you are using your platform to show how beautiful Nigeria is. Thank you brother ??????

@lisalot– Getting as African as possible, excellent! You’re repping your country beautifully

If you ask us, it’s great promotion for our country, Nigeria to his 2 million+ people on social media. His experience gave some a whole new perspective to Nigeria, the country and Nigerians, it’s people. 

We’ve learnt a thing or two from his time here. He focused on showcasing the positive side of the country which is something everyone needs to learn to do. Yes our roads are bad, we have epileptic power supply and Lagos has one of the worst traffics in the world. However, we don’t need to dwell on that all the time. How about showing people where they can get authentic Nigerian cuisine or how vibrant and rich our culture is? We can be our own tourism ambassadors, the government can’t do it all the time. When people are excited to come here don’t discourage them. Social Media has made things so easy. Showing the beauty in the country can be as easy as putting up a nice photo and video on your feed. Beyond the photo and videos, educating people is very important too.

We also loved that he had a down to earth vibe! He was just pretty much himself. Taking photos with everyone and just generally being chill. A serious vibe. He probably dines with Hollywood A- listers back in England but he dined with locals too. We could easily have said he did not move around with security (which we know is likely not the case). There were no photos or videos to project the country as unsafe or volatile. All in all, he made himself feel at home. Well, Nigeria is technically his home!

We wish him so much joy and happiness and can’t wait to have him back in the motherland. Perhaps December 2018?Hopefully, this time he finds himself a wife that can make Amala ?.


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