Importance of great customer Service in the STR business
May 31st, 2021

Having a good customer service indicates that your business is fulfilling the key objective of delivering excellent customer support. Your brand should be able to engage your customers (guests)and help them throughout their journey of buying a product or service.


Your customers (Guests) should not feel the need to move away to your competitor because they found your customer care operators to be inefficient or your support mechanism to be weak.

These are steps that are a must in your customer service plan for ensuring greater customer success stories in your business.


1. Creating a customer-centric culture should be a core building block of your business. This implies emphasizing enough on customer needs and meeting them. Identify the preferences of your customers (guests) and adapt your service offerings accordingly.


2. Loopholes in the customer service arena are based on the fundamental ability to communicate effectively. Invest in training, but that applies to all staff working who deal with customers directly

Make the communication simple and effective.


3. Retrieving Feedbacks from loyal customers(Guests) . It has helped brands a great deal to understand the customer journey based on their feedback. Allowing your customers(Guests) to offer feedback on every aspect of your business gives you the strategy to improve and use feedback to your advantage.

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