How to quickly manage Guests expectations
May 27th, 2021

How to manage Guests expectations

 One of the most important factors that can build your business as an STR host is Customer satisfaction.

Now, it is important to understand the relevance of your customers and how much they affect your brand in the long run. Customer satisfaction is very key and it should never be compromised.

As a host, your customer service should be nothing short of excellent. On most platforms, these guests giving reviews and, in a way, assess your performance.

This assessment is most times related to their expectations because if you did not expect a treatment or service, you won’t be displeased with it….do you get it?


So how do you manage a guest’s expectations?

We have put together a list of quick tips that will help you effectively manage guest expectations.

Promises: This is where a lot of hosts get it wrong; just to get a booking, they can promise heaven on earth, especially things they know they cannot fulfil. If a guest asks you if you have a feature for example and you know you can not do it then do not make a promise.


Be honest:

Honesty is the best policy…. no cap. Do not falsify reviews or be dishonest in any form. We have seen some listings that add pictures of what is not their home or add features that are not in their home. Understand this already creates a certain level of expectation in the guest’s minds and they already expect a lot. Now imagine their reaction when they check-in and this is not what they see.


Learn to say NO!

When you a guest asks for a particular favor and you know that you can’t provide it as they would want just say No or explain to them the possible outcome. In order not to disappoint guests many hosts never turn down a request from a guest.


Give realistic time frames

When an issue happens (cos it will always happen), learn to be realistic with the expected time that this issue is going to be solved. Sometimes you might not be the one directly fixing the issue, it might be an artisan so if for example the artisan says 10 minutes you should tell the guests 13 minutes not 8 minutes

 Did you find this post useful? Do you have other tips for managing guest expectations? Kindly share


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