How to know when you need to Book a trip ASAP
May 24th, 2021

Have you been feeling dreamy about your favourite travel destination or seen yourself on that Instagram Page ( we hope it is yours) scrolling through exciting travel content but you are not sure if exactly you need to travel or if it is just a phase, then this is just the article for you.

 Some of these signs will help you know that you need to hop on that next flight:


1)    You’re down and distracted at work
You love your job… no doubt. But lately, it has been harder than ever to get your creative juices flowing. You are usually the idea lords but recently you tank seems rather empty and nothing to supply no more. Traveling is one of the best ways to be inspired, for instance our head Nomad got inspired to start Casa Nomads when she was on a trip…ding Super light bulb moment.


2)    You can’t leave your smartphone at all. 
Every time you tell yourself “just one more episode” of that YouTube show, or that funny skit. Being on your phone isn’t a bad thing but deep down you know inside of you need to leave your phone and do other exciting stuff. If you need a digital detox, then traveling is a very good option.


3)    You can’t stop thinking about travel

 Any free time you get your mind wanders to a far off destination. You find yourself seeking out the cheapest fares on wakanow or travel beta, browsing travel blogs in search of your next holiday destination and checking your passport for blank pages. It’s even found its way into your dreams….. LOL Your partner has informed you that they heard you mumbling something about cheap flights in your sleep! Then you need to act on it.


4)    Nostalgia!!! 
Thinking about your that vacation you took 4 years ago, the thrills and the excitement it gave you. All the memories you created, stop posting throwback videos and create new ones.

5)     We just survived a Pandemic, come on!!

What did you learn from the Pandemic? Remember during lockdown and we all vowed to visit the most exciting places and travel when we can… Hello, how is that going. That is all the motivation you need.


6)    Workaholic, Problem no dey finish, try dey enjoy

“It’s him!” “So he’s the workaholic you were talking about!” “Are you sure you have to work through lunch today?” Frankly speaking, you’re getting a little sick of hearing these whispers around you. But work-life balance? What’s that? You behave as you’ve never heard of it before! Your job consumes you, it has become your whole identity, and you’re starting to feel like you won’t know who you are without it. Meanwhile, you’re watching as those vacation days stack up.



7) You just know it’s finally time to book a trip
All the stress, negativity, backaches and lack of sleep has finally caught up with you. No one is so busy they can’t find the time to look after themselves. You have vacation days for a reason, and you finally think it’s time to cash them in and mark down the days till you find yourself jetting off to your dream destination.


So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and book that trip now!


Are you looking at taking a trip to a destination soon, you can reach out to us via and our team will be ready to help you plan the best seamless vacation.

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