Hotel Review: The George Hotel, Ikoyi Lagos
May 13th, 2016

I know this question is long overdue but how did you spend your Valentines Day? I hope you ticked an activity off this list I painstakingly compiled for you guys.

My body had been longing for luxury hotel sheets and I decided to treat it right for the Valentines Day weekend. After combing through Instagram, I finally opted for The George Hotel. I am very weary of social media hype so I insisted on going myself to check out the hotel. Located at 30 Lugard Road, Ikoyi, I was very impressed when I drove into the hotel and the rooms just sealed the deal for me. They had a Valentines Day promo going on and N60,000 covered a night stay + buffet + breakfast.



AMBIANCE: oh la la! The ambiance of this hotel is top notch. It’s such a beautiful welcoming place; serenading music in the lobby, lovely artwork here and there, beautiful furniture and composed and well dressed front desk staff. It could easily be a hotel located anywhere in the world. The best part of the hotel is definitely the pool area.



FACILITIES: The hotel has 61 rooms, a banquet/conference hall, 3 smaller meeting rooms, free Internet accesses, two restaurants (one of which doubles as a bar), a well-equipped gym and a swimming pool. Like I earlier mentioned, the pool area is definitely my best part of the hotel. It’s a perfect place to kick back, relax and take loads of photos!

Very pretty bathroom 🙂





ROOMS: The rooms are pretty small, like London accommodation type of small, so if you are claustrophobic, the George hotel is not for you. That being said, I liked the color theme (black, grey and red) and most importantly the sheets were soft.

FOOD: hmmmmmm…….in this department, dem no try at all. So our package came with a Valentines Day buffet and complimentary breakfast. I was very excited as I felt the food would match up to the general hotel ambiance. We got ready at 7.30pm and headed to the restaurant. First of all, the place was packed (as expected right? Valentines day madness) and we had to wait for over 30 minutes to be waited on. One of the waiters even suggested we have dinner by the bar!!! Pointing at the bar, she said, “You can eat here now”. Like how is that even an option? My husband was so pissed off; he asked to see the manager who then got us a table. NOTE TO NIGERIAN ESTABLISHMENTS: train your staff properly, else they will wreck your business.

The place we were directed to have our “romantic” dinner -_-

So we finally get a table and head to the buffet expecting a scrumptious spread. Hopes were dashed, as the “spread” was hardly a spread. It didn’t even look that palatable. I opted for pepper soup and bread, some pieces of chicken and a fruit salad. My husband had all sorts of things on his plate…yeah he is one of those people that LOVE to embarrass you by putting everything on his plate. Nothing stood out on my plate (or maybe it was just my taste buds) and everything was really just basic, some under basic. The best thing on his plate he said were the ribs.


For breakfast, the restaurant was pretty empty and we were able to sit properly and enjoy our breakfast. I mean no one can go wrong with a breakfast buffet! They had the regular English breakfast and Nigerian breakfast as well.

Opted for the Nigerian breakfast.


CUSTOMER SERVICE: The front desk staff are clearly well trained. The waiters at the dinner buffet were just all over the place, perhaps overwhelmed with the number of people. I mean, at dinner, I had to tell three different waiters to get us drinks which none of them did. My husband eventually had to disrupt his eating and get the drinks at the bar by himself. However the breakfast waiters were on their A game clearly because they had less people to cater to. The George should have evaluated their staff strength and stayed within their capacity. I understand money needs to be made but definitely not at the expense of the quality of your service. The dinner buffet was a mess and that’s putting in mildly.


PRICE RANGE: The Valentines Day deal cost N60, 000. For regular rates, amma just leave a photo below 🙂


Its a bit pricey…but aren’t all Lagos hotels?

RATING: Overall, I’ll probably give them a 6/10 based on my personal experience. The dinner buffet was my main reason for going there and I was pretty disappointed.

More pool photos 🙂




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