Fun things travellers can do at home during the lockdown
Apr 1st, 2020

A lot of us would love to be globetrotting at this period but the Covid-19 pandemic has halted a lot of plans. While we stay at home and observe good hygiene so as to prevent the spread of the virus, there are couple of things travellers can do at home to keep busy. Some of these things will definitely be of great value to us after the pandemic.

1. Learn a language.

This is a perfect period to learn that language you have always wished to learn. This will help you the next time you step into a country that speaks it and tackle the language barrier.

2. Apply/review your travel documents.

This will be a great time to look at your travel documents and see which one of them needs an update or the ones you don’t have. It might be difficult because a lot of embassies are closed right now but you could always check out their websites, you never can tell.

3. Practice how to make a dope itinerary.

Now that you can’t travel, let your mind literally take the journey. Learn how to make a dope itinerary during this period. Research destinations, tours, Accomodation, restaurant, the weather and every single detail that goes into making a badass itinerary.

4. Update your photo edit skills.

This will be a great time to learn how to use those filters, create those templates as well as learn how to take lit photos to show on the gram once the pandemic is over. You can always find useful information on this on YouTube and even Instagram. So get practicing we want to see that dope photo on your next trip.

5 Recreate your favourite meal from your travels. 

I’m sure there’s that meal that you had in that country that you can’t wait to have again. Don’t wait till you travel again, learn how to make and recreate your favorite meal. Share the food with friends and family and get an assessment. Continue practicing until you perfect it.

6. Learn how to pack effectively 

No better time to learn how to pack effectively than now. There are a lot of useful packing hacks on the internet, learn how to use them and upgrade your packing game to A+. Looking out for your next suitcase.

8. work out at home 

Yes, summer plans might be ruined already because of the pandemic. You might be thinking, nobody is going to see my summer body anyway🤷‍♀️. Working out should not only be for show off, your body actually needs it.

So start those push up, crunches , sit-ups and all. There are great apps that can help you with home workout.

9 Take an online dance class

Are you tired of embarrassing yourself and your friends next time you hit the dance floor while on vacation. Stay woke, join on online dance class or just watch a tutorial on how to bust some of your favorite movies.

Don’t dull!

Yes it's hard to stay at home but we definitely have to embrace the reality and make the most of it. Add yours to the list.


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