First in Africa: Morocco Launches High Speed Train
Nov 17th, 2018

Africa countries are really catching up with the latest technologies, especially in the transportation sector. This has really been beneficial not only to the citizens of the country but to visitors who come around. Morocco recently set a new record as the first African country with high speed train.

On Thursday, 15th of November, the Morocco government launched a high-speed train at one of the country’s economic hub. The President of France, Emmanuel Macron was present at Tangiers in Morocco for the inauguration of the high speed railway line.


While at an interview with La , the Director General of National Rail Operator, Mohamed Rabie Khlie mentioned that the new rail wains to attract more passengers.

“We aim at six million passengers a year after three years of commercial operation, instead of three million currently, this should enable us to achieve an operating margin that far exceeds that of conventional trains and will justify the development.”

The high speed train service will be between Tangiers and Casablanca and it will move at a speed of 320km per hour thereby cutting down the time for taking a normal train ride from over 4 hours to 2 hours.

This is really a very good technological advancement and we hope other African countries will follow the lead.

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