Ethiopian Airline Jet Crashes Without a Survivor
Mar 10th, 2019



It’s a day of sorrow worldwide as one of the leading airlines in Africa and the world crashes without leaving a survivor.

In the early hours of today, an Ethiopian Airlines jet crashed shortly after taking off from the Bole International Airport in Addis Ababa, killing all 157 people on board.

The Ethiopian Airline flight 302 was en route Nairobi, Kenya before the tragic incident happened. According to the airline, the crash happened 6 minutes after take off, crashing near a city called Bishoftu.

“None of the people on board the Boeing 737 that crashed en route from Addis Ababa to Nairobi survived,”

According to reports, Kenya had the highest number of passengers and officials on board the flight. 32 Kenyans; 18 Canadians; 9 Ethiopians, 8 Italians; 8 Chinese; 8 Americans; 7 UK nationalities; 7 Egypt nationalities, 5 Germans; 4 India citizens; 4 Slovakia citizens; 3 Austria citizens, 3 Russians; 3 Sweden nationalities, 2 Israel nationalities; 2 citzens from Morocco, Poland, Spain and 1 person each from Belgium, Djibouti, Indonesia, Ireland, Mozambique, Norway, Rwanda, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Somalia, Serbia, Togo, Uganda, Yemen, Nepal and Nigeria.

One passenger was also said to be traveling on a UN passport.

Among the victim of the crash was Pius Adesanmi, a Nigerian-norm Canadian who was travelling on a Canadian passport.

Our prayers go to the families of the victims.



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