Bicycle Ride to Lagos from Morocco
Mar 1st, 2018

Riding a bicycle from Lagos to Morocco? There’s clearly no limit to adventure these days. This is definitely something we’ll never try even if we were paid $1,000,000. Not because we don’t like free money, we actually love it! The reason is simple, we cannot ride a bike to save our lives *covers face*!

Huang Shuang, got her inspiration to embark on a ‘round the world’ bicycle trip after riding around her country. Her long journey eventually led her to Lagos state, Nigeria after leaving Morocco 6th of September 2017. About 6 months ago…wawu!


When the Chinese female cyclist arrived in Lagos, she was interviewed by News Agency of Nigeria. Huang explained the inspiration behind the bicycle ride around the world she’s embarked on in the interview.

“I am glad that I have also been able to ride from Morocco to Lagos, Nigeria. This is an indication that irrespective of our sex, we can achieve anything we set out to do.

The whole idea about my cycling started when, one day, I decided to embark on a cycling trip around my country, China. 

After the trip around China, I was motivated to take my first cycling around the world to America, where I covered about 5,500km in two months.

Now, I am in Lagos from Morocco, after I flew from America to France, where I cycled around Europe for four months, before taking a ferry from Spain to Morocco.” -Huang.

Being determined does go a long way in achieving whatever you set your mind to do. Even after facing lots of challenges on the way; having no room to sleep in most times, being robbed, getting tired and even having accidents, Huang kept on going. Thanks to her travel kit: money, noodles, clothes, sleeping bag & tent and bicycle repair accessories.

Black people, especially the ones in the village, love to see ’oyinbos’ (white people) around them. Huang was well received by villagers in the African villages she passed. He sang, danced and even joined to eat some of their local meals.

“I have happily sung and danced with children in different African villages and communities where I passed the nights or stopped to cook.

I have seen the most beautiful sunset, the most stunning mountain views, breath-taking lakes and virgin forests across Africa.

My trip has also exposed me to many African children still living in poverty, hunger, without education and basic amenities.” – Huang


The Chinese cyclist has planned to continue her journey from Lagos to other countries with the aim of reaching 33 countries in the next 3 years.

According to her, journeying to Africa has exposed her to the poverty children are facing and with this, she hopes to raise funds for about 2000 children across Africa. Huang plans to launch a free lunch for these children this year after interacting with some of these African communities.


To some people, Huang’s ‘endless’ bicycle trip might be a waste of time. But she is on a mission actually. Not just to ride around the world but to see, feel and experience what children faced with poverty are facing and to help the little way she can. 

Has Huang’s story inspired you? There’s so much to learn from her journey. The most important take home is her perseverance and determination. The mind is such a powerful tool and once you set to achieve something you can definitely do it!

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