Becoming a Tourist in Your Own Country: 4 Reasons You Should Explore Your Country
Dec 18th, 2018

Of course many people love to travel to new destinations (outside the country) to experience new things but not many people give much attention to their home country. Although there might be something so alluring about visiting other cities/countries but when you decide to visit places around you just as a tourist, you will know there’s actually more to see in your native land. When you start to explore your own very own country, then you’ll realise how much to learn around you rather than spending all your holidays exploring outside your country.

“The whole object of travel is not to set foot on foreign land; it is at least to set foot on one’s own country as a foreign land” – G.K. Chesterton.

Have you ever thought of becoming a tourist right in your own country? If you think it is not worth it, then here are 4 reasons that can change your mind.


For the mean time you want to holiday and explore in your own country, say bye-bye to flights fare. Exploring your own country is more affordable than traveling out to explore. As a citizen of your country, it is easier for you to get entry into some places for free or at a very low cost compared to foreigners. You also get to purchase some goods at a normal rate compared to when you visit another country and they hike it because you’re a foreign visitor.


There are so many things to know about your country. In one way or the other, exploring your home country will give you the opportunity to know more about the history of wherever you choose to visit. Also, when you explore your country, you get to contextualise the place of your country in the world. Knowing so much about the history and some cultures of your country, when you travel out, you will know how to share what you know with foreigners and also compare them to other country’s culture.


The more time you spend exploring your country, the more new things you get to find. You may be/reside in a city/state but when you have the mindset of exploring as a tourist, you’ll find out so many things you probably never have seen around you before, despite the fact that you live around.


Travel will definitely inspire you to travel more. Even if you do not have to travel abroad, knowing there are many places to explore around you, you will always have th urge to go on another local trip. And from there, you begin to start traveling more and more.

Trust me, I’m not saying it’s bad to visit other countries but I feel when you travel with your city/country, your perception of exploring your home country will change positively.

How much have you explored your country?

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