4 Things to Help You Achieve Your Goals in the New Year?
Nov 26th, 2018

Happy new year!!! (In advance. Lol!). Well, maybe you’re not ready for 2019 yet. But at our side, we are so ready for that year (can it come already???).

In exactly 5 weeks, we’ll be eagerly waiting for the clock to tick from 23:59 to 00:00 so we can scream and rejoice with our friends and family for a new year, 2019. I know you can’t wait. We also can’t wait for 2019 to come. To start another new level, bag many achievements, make new resolutions, make that daring trip, tick many things on our bucket list and so on. And of course explore the heck out of our 2019 nomad trips (Hahaha).

The feeling of making it to another new year with newness of everything is always so sweet. But do you think it will make sense to start a new year without planning for it ahead? Of course everyone likes to change their way of life, make new resolutions and all when we start a new year but making necessary plans for the new resolutions we are making in a new year will go a long way in helping us achieve everything we set.

It’s exactly 5 weeks before we say ‘goodbye’ to 2018 and trust me, it is never too late to plan the new year ahead. Making your plans for the year after you have started may be too late because you really do not want to be lagging behind when you decide to start making plans in January.

How can you make this happen? Let’s see some of the things you can do to actualise your goals in 2019.


You just imagine you have already entered a new year. Think of all you would like to achieve in the new year, week by week, month by month or on a quarterly basis. Be optimistic that they will all happen as you have planned them.


Write down your plans on how you’d like to actualise what you want to do. Come up with different methods you know can help you achieve those goals and have them saved somewhere. When the time comes, you can always go back to check so you are sure you are on still track.


Having multiple sources of income these days is a very good way of achieving a lot of set goals. You will always have a backup when your main source seems to be shaky. And of course savings will help you a lot. Make sure you don’t spend unnecessarily on things you don’t need so you can have enough saved up for that amazing things you have always wanted.


I’m sure there are so many things that has really helped you in moving forward this year. Sit back and figure out what those things are and try to carry them to the next year (don’t forget to also improve on them for a greater result in 2019). If there are any bad things you think didn’t work for you or gave you your desired result this year, check what could have been wrong so you work better on them.

Take a few days, before the year finally ends, to reflect on how you were not able to meet some of your set goals, make that wonderfully planned trip, buy that gorgeous dress etc. Bring up a plan you know can really help you progress and achieve all your plans for the new year. Wait patiently for 2019 so you can accomplish everything you plan to do.

Have you made plans for 2019? There is still enough time to do that. So give yourself some time to plan well for the incoming year.

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