10 Most Powerful Passports in Africa (2018)
Nov 19th, 2018

Ever wondered what country has the most powerful passport in Africa? We did a bit of research because we were curious to know after listening to an Instagram live session from Fisayo.

Generally, African passports have a pretty low ranking compared to other passports in the world. The highest amount of visa free/visa on arrival countries we expected to see on African passport access was 70/80. Surprisingly the number one country has a whooping 138 Visa Free/On Arrival countries! That’s about 70% of the world with an African passport. Amazing. Here are the top 10 African countries with the strongest passports.


With a Namibian passport, you can visit 41 countries visa free and 30 visa on arrival. Total = 71 countries.


A Tanzanian passport offers its citizens access to 42 countries visa free and 29 visa on arrival. Total = 71 countries.


The only west African country that made the cut. Gambian citizens can visit 45 countries visa free and 26 on arrival. Total = 71 countries.


Yet another East African country. With a Kenyan passport you can visit 39 countries visa free and 33 countries visa on arrival. Total = 72 countries.


43 Visa free and 31 Visa on arrival for Malawian citizens. Total = 74 countries.


This small southern African country made it to the top 5 and its citizens have access to 46 countries visa free and 31 on arrival. Total= 77 countries.


Botswana is one of the three southern African countries that made the cut. The home of the Okavango delta gives its citizens access to 49 visa free and 29 visa on arrival. Total = 78


Rainbow nation made it to the top three! Its no surprise that South African nationals can access 63 countries visa free and 35 visa on arrival. Total = 98 countries


Mauritius is Visa free/Visa on Arrival to all countries in the world so we expected them to make the cut. We actually expected Mauritius to be number one but they came pretty close with access to 99 countries visa free and 33 countries visa on arrival. Total = 132 countries.


Seychelles has proved to us that size doesn’t matter. It’s the tiniest African country by area has the strongest African passport and Seychellois nationals can visit a whooping 138 countries with zero hassles!

There you have it! The top 10 African countries with the most powerful passports.

What country/countries were you expecting to see on the list but didn’t make it to the top 10? 

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