Guest Feature: Niyi and Temi Honeymoon in Cancun, Mexico
Nov 23rd, 2018

When planning a wedding, one of the most important things the couple must do is plan a very fantastic honeymoon. Forget about who ate what or drank whom, the honeymoon in my opinion is the most important item on your wedding list (yes, more important than the Wedding dress seff) Lol!

We wanted to go to Spain (Sitges & Barcelona) or Greece (Can I hear you say Santo… wait for it… RINI!!!), but my wife gave a valid reason why we should visit Mexico instead. Let’s skip the parts of planning and choosing Cancun, as Mrs. A did an amazing job with that and focus on the actual trip itself.

So, a few days before our trip, I messaged Naija Nomads on IG and she sent me a link to a post which was written by Fola’sWaka about her experience in Cancun with her husband. An enlightening post, but I must confess, I did not follow some of the recommendations there. Anyway, to the trip.

We left Lagos, Nigeria for Atlanta, Georgia, USA and the day after we got to the USA, we flew to Cancun, Mexico. So, one advantage of the US Visa is that, you can enter some countries with their visa. I was even surprised that the Immigration officer at the airport did not look at us weird or grill us, as per green passport holders.

P.S: many people in Mexico do not know where Nigeria is o. 

Anyway, from the airport, we had a shuttle waiting for us (and other guests of the resort we booked) at the arrival lounge of the airport. Cancun is a very popular tourist destination, so there are a bunch of beach resorts along the Yucatan Peninsula, which borders the Caribbean Sea.

The trip from the airport to the Resort took us about 45 mins. We checked in and they upgraded us to a more luxurious room than the one we booked (difference really was a partial view of the ocean… maybe size was a bit bigger). The resort we stayed at is called ParadisusLaperla Resort, which is located in the coastal town of Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. A wonderful all – inclusive resort, there are about 14 restaurants and 11 bars to choose from (I gained major weight in the 6 days we stayed here), fun activities and breathtaking views. The resort offers various activities to choose from, with most of them being included in your package. Only a few of them are the ones you pay for.

Speaking of activities, there are many fun things to do in Cancun. You can visit the city, and go shopping, the night life is amazing at the Coc Bongo (we did not go, I don’t know why…), visit the Mayan ruins (we went to ChitchenItza), go snorkeling, scuba diving, parasailing… the list goes on and on and on!!!

Well, the trip was fantastic and all, but we did not get our photos from our parasailing experience, You know why? Because we did not have enough USD. So, here is something about the Resorts in Mexico. While they’re located in Mexico and the official currency in Mexico is Mexican Pesos, the resorts only accept USD payments. It’s weird, I know.

One thing you should know, especially our Nigerian family is that, have enough $1, $2 and $5 denominations at hand, so you can tip people. I know we’re not big on tipping in this part of the world. But the people in Mexico are really nice and these tips go a long way for them. I won’t even lie, there was one young boy who came to serve us breakfast in our room at about 6am the morning we were leaving, very polite and courteous. Why won’t you want to tip him?

Oh yeah. Like, I said earlier, a lot of people don’t know Nigeria sha. So, asper two colored people, along with all the colored people at the resort, it’s assumed that we’re African Americans. So, when that question came up, “where are you from?” We’ll now start epistle of how we came from Atlanta, but we’re originally from Nigeria, then they go “Where?” we say “Nigeria”, they say, “Where is that at?” we say “Africa”, they say “Oh, the motherland? That’s a really far place to come from”. Mexicans are even funnier, those ones cannot pronounce G, so they pronounce Nigeria as “Niheria”.

In all, it was a very fantastic experience and I would advise anyone to explore it. Not only for honeymooning, it could be a boys/girls trip, family trip or couple trip. You can even go alone to discover yourself. (who knows? You might meet someone special there *wink*).

Have you been to Cancun and you would like to share your travel experiences with us? Kindly send us an email so we can feature you. 

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