World Food Day 2018: Promoting Tourism Through Food
Oct 16th, 2018

Today marks the 73th year the United Nations created Food and Agriculture Organisation. Every 16th of October, the world celebrates this day and also use it as a medium to create awareness for government, NGOs and individuals on how to combat hunger in the world.

Of course food is essential as it helps humans survive but what other importance does it have apart from helping humans survive?  It stands as an identity. Different cultures have different indigenous foods which help in identifying them. Without going out to explore, it is most likely impossible to come across or identify some of these foods. With people traveling around the world, a lot of people have come to identify some new cultures, the people and their indigenous foods (even without leaving the shores of their country).

This has helped to encourage travelers visit some destinations (just for their culture) and this is a way of promoting travel and tourism. Of all the many ways to promote tourism is through food. An average traveler/tourist will most likely spend a part of his/her holiday budget on local cuisines. This is just to show how important food is and how it contributes to the tourism sector.

For a long time, food has been one of the major aspects of travel and it plays a very important role in giving a tourist a great travel experience. Having great cuisines in a destination adds a bright and lasting memory to a travelers experience at a destination.

A lot of food enthusiasts find pleasure traveling across the world to try new food. Food tourism is not just about trying new cuisines, but as a way of immersing oneself into other cultures. The interest of tourists in food is really increasing as many tourists love to explore new food culture. This has really been transforming tourism. Through food tourism, tourists are not just introduced to new cuisines but they also get to discover more about the cuisine (history, impact, etc).

With no doubt, food plays a very important role in tourism and also has the potential of sustaining tourism.


As we mark food day this year, have we remembered to do your part in tackling hunger? Your trips around the world should not just be for yourselves but also for the locals you come across. Let people feel your impact around them.

Before you think of wasting your food, think of those who do not have any and share with them. A lot of hungry children roam the streets in many destinations you visit looking for what to eat. Lending a helping hand by providing at least a little decent meal for them will go a long way in saving a lives.

Save the world today by doing the little you can so this wolrd will be a better place for us to live.

How do you contribute to tackling hunger in the world? Save a life today by giving food to at least 1 hungry person.


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