Top 5 most common honeymoon mistakes
Feb 14th, 2022



Planning Your Honeymoon Yourself

After all, you already planned a wedding, so you think you can plan a trip perfectly….. you are in to be shocked.

If possible you should hire a planner who will handle the nitty-gritty of the trip so that way you can stop worrying before and during the trip.


Traveling immediately after the wedding

Your honeymoon should start straight after the wedding, right? That’s certainly the tradition. But when you pair months of anticipation with an all-day event and many bottles of champagne, there’s only one thing you’re bound to feel like doing the next day (and it isn’t dealing with airport security).

Forget madly stuffing clothes into suitcases with that checkout time looming! Give yourself a break and book your post-wedding accommodation for a second night or even down the week. This allows for a well-deserved sleep-in and a relaxed catch-up with family and friends before you head off. This also means that you are not pressured to make some hasty decisions and can even maximize cost


Planning a packed itinerary

We recommend planning an itinerary that allows plenty of time to bask in newlywed bliss, even if you’re the adventurous type. Plotting stops in new cities or countries every couple of days could have your honeymoon mistaken for The Amazing Race, and no one needs the added stress of those logistics after the wedding!

‘Boring’ is the last word anyone wants to associate with their honeymoon, so it’s all about choosing destinations where you can kick back and kick on. Even if you spend the entire holiday hidden away in your hotel room, at least you have the option to do as much or as little as you like.


Setting an Unrealistic Budget

Don't go into debt to finance what should be a relaxing and enjoyable getaway. You and your fiancé should agree on a budget, and then start thinking about destinations, hotels, and activities. But, don't limit your options without first crunching numbers: despite expensive airfare, many exotic locations offer affordable accommodations.


Picking the Wrong Destination

Maybe your best friend still talks about the convenience of her all-inclusive resort in Hawaii, and you can't stop obsessing over pictures of your brother's African safari, but remember: this is your vacation! Tailor your getaway to your tastes. Look at the current state of that destination and check if it works. You should also pick a destination you love and more importantly your partner loves.

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