Tips to provide great customer service experience as an Airbnb/ STR host
Mar 15th, 2021

 As an Airbnb/ STR host, good customer service is important in brand development and customer retention. Asides from getting your homes booked, it’s important for you to pay attention to the experience that customers have during their stay. Everything from cleaning to check-in, sheets, and linen can be considered an aspect of short-term rental customer service.


These are some useful tips that can help you provide a great term rental customer service experience.


1. Attention to details: True attention to details can’t be found in a manual. It can however be inspired by great working conditions and a genuine desire to help people. Try to Know what your guests need during their stay at your home and also be ready to provide further assistance if the need arises.


2. Survey your guests: People like sharing their opinions. This is why guests will really appreciate the opportunity to help you serve them better. Rather than leave your surveys up to old-fashioned comment cards, try one of these updated methods for collecting customer data.  The survey could be via electronic poll and survey tools like Google Forms, questionnaires, etc. Your desk agents can ask guests questions like a) how their stay was when they check out?  b)What were your expectations before checking into our hotel? c)If you had to improve one thing about our hotel customer service, what would it be?


3. Have a Sense of Humor: There’s a fine line between being professional and having no personality. For example when a guest leaves the apartment because it needed repairs, as a short rental host you can write an apology note along with chocolates for the guest.


4. Leave a remarkable service experience: it’s important to provide customer service that withstands the test of time. Sometimes you can decide to throw in a huge discount rate for your comeback guests or guests who refer you to others. Basically, just do something customer service that has never been done before by another short-term rental host.


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