Iconic ‘i Amsterdam’ Sign Has Been Removed
Dec 4th, 2018

How will people know you have been to Amsterdam now that the iconic sign ‘I AMSTERDAM’ has been removed?

If you have ever been to Amsterdam, then you will most likely know that the sign ‘I AMSTERDAM’ is one of the tourists favorite attractions. Your visit to Amsterdam is not complete until you take a photo with the iconic sign. The Red and white Amsterdam letters which have been attracting tourists to its location for 14 years is one of the most photographed attractions in Amsterdam. Located at the front of Rijksmuseum, a Dutch National Museum in Amsterdam, Netherlands, the letters were removed on 2nd of December.

In a statement, Femke Roosma, the Dutch city councillor who was the person behind the removal of the iconic sign said;

“The message of ‘I Amsterdam’ is that we are all individuals in the city. We want to show something different: diversity, tolerance, solidarity.”

Many people have taken to their social media platform to voice out their personal opinion about the removal.

People who were surprised to see that the letters had been removed before getting there were not happy. To express their sadness, they have erected a new sign which reads ‘HUH’ and some people have started taking photos with the new sign.

We haven’t been to Amsterdam before but we are actually not happy the signs are gone.

Have you been to Amsterdam before and have taken a photo with the iconic sign? Feel free to share your ‘I AMSTERDAM’ photo in memory of the one removed.


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