How to spot an IJGB this December
Nov 26th, 2021

It’s IJGB SZN.. I mean winter is here and the Japa boys& girls are back.

 Do you want to know how to spot them?… we have put together a few ways you can identify an “ I just got back” this December.

 Which is one is accurate and what other ways can one identify them?




The most obvious way to spot them is by their accents.  I mean you definitely know when somebody isn’t based here especially when they try to produce words in local parlance or native language….


But don’t be bamboozed by those master kids who just left …. don’t mind them.


The little things fascinate them

This is a giveaway most times because you can tell from the way they react at regular things, occurrences and places that we see everyday here, this is a strong indicator of an IJGB.


They make comparisms

Any small thing they say: “in America this doesn’t happen”

“This why I like the UK” “Can’t y’all just do things normally “


They compare Nigeria with their country of residence in every aspect from the obvious to the little things.


The complaints

Once you find someone constantly complaining about something, yup, it’s a Johnny !

The complaints never cease till they board their flights to return.

Look out for this! That’s them!



They don’t have time to bargain price:


Shey dollar wa kere ni?


Once you tell them a price they don’t “price” like us here they will pay immediately .


They can pay 5 times the normal fee for service and they will now put us in trouble because these vendors will think everybody has the money.



They want to go everywhere!!


If you are spending your Xmas with an IJGB be ready to waka cos they will have you go everywhere and anywhere.

Aunty calm down na.. there’s nothing special there….

They don’t know that one.


They want to pack months of fun into few days.



how to spot an ijgb

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