Guests reviews: Why short term rental hosts need honest reviews
Feb 27th, 2021

As a short-term rental host, one of the ways to stay at the top of competition is by having real reviews intending guests can go through before making that final decision of booking your home. You will be surprised at how a lack of reviews on your listings can turn away intending guests, so it is highly important that hosts encourage guests to write them reviews about their experiences, after their stay in the home.

Reviews from previous guests serve as an incredibly good marketing tool needed in the short-term rental business. These reviews, (positive reviews of course…LOL), help in promoting your home without having to say much. An intending guest can already get a sense of the experience that awaits them when they book.

Not only do reviews help in marketing your home, they also help you improve the quality of service you offer your guests. If we are being honest, we all have left at least one bad review for a business that we did not enjoy their service in the past. We won’t have done that if we actually enjoyed the service.

As a host, receiving a bad review from a guest should be a call to action. Rather than getting angry for reading an unsatisfying feedback, accept the criticism with appreciation and work on whatever the guest had complained about. It helps you improve the service you are offering to the next guest coming into your home.

“We all need people who will give us feedback. That’s how we improve” ¬Bills Gate

Whatever review it is you have gotten from guests, whether positive or negative, there will always be one that points out where you are doing amazingly well and otherwise. Apply comments/suggestions you have received in these reviews to improve your standard.


Do not confuse ratings with reviews. Most times, ratings may necessarily not equate to low/high expectations. Reviews from previous guests should set your expectations.

While reviews vary from one guest to the other, it is important that you do not judge until you experience the quality of service you will be offered while you stay over at the home.

Do you look out for reviews before booking a home? What role does reviews from previous guests play in your decision to book a home? We will love to read from you in the comment section.

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