Going on your first solo trip? These valuable tips will help you a lot
Apr 28th, 2022



Everybody can remember their first solo trip yes everyone, it holds a special place in a lot of travellers’ minds and we are glad that you are about to take this step. The lessons and experience you are about to have are invaluable and now we can boldly say welcome to the club!


Just before you go on that first trip there are some important tips that will help you have a better experience (how I just wished someone did this for us).



  1. Embrace the local culture:

Make sure you dive into the local culture and try not to just keep to the well beaten tourist tracks. A great way to soak up the local atmosphere is to head to the markets. You can get a general feel and vibe of a city from the markets. Food is also a great way to embrace local culture, try ou the native food and don’t be the one always looking for jollof rice in Turkey…. LOL

2.      Confirm visa process and check the passport validity 

Read up on the visa process, you should get professional help from travel agents if possible.

 Same applies for passports. Check your passport’s expiration date before you travel – certain countries require at least 6 months validity to enter. Booking.com research found that 24% of travellers would even recommend carrying your passport with you for the entire trip. *

3. Take pictures of your passports, VISAs and travel insurance and email them to yourself, in case you lose them. Keep loads of copies of every essential travel document you may need

4. Take cash and keep it safely.

Hide it away in a money belt, pocket in your bag or share it around if you’re travelling in a group. Over one in ten (13%) travellers cited a secret stash of cash as one of the most important tips for those planning their first trip according to Booking.com research. 


5. Use translating apps:

If you do not speak the local language, a helpful trick is to download Google Translate, duo lingo or other translating apps to your mobile phone. It will take away the pain of wild gestures and raised voices. You might also want to consider learning a few key phrases before you head out, especially words to help navigate travel, bookings, and menus.

6.      Check the luggage allowance before you fly:  

if necessary, pack heavier and delicate items (like chargers) in your hand luggage. If you’re heading somewhere hot, it’s worth packing a light sarong. It can be used for anything from a pillow on a long bus journey, something to cover your shoulders with when visiting a religious site, to blankets in the evening and a towel at the beach.

7. Research local scams to watch out for

whether it’s particular tour companies to avoid or how to get a reputable taxi from the airport. Booking.com research reveals that 21% of first time travellers feel researching local safety advice is an important part of any holiday prep.* If you get into real trouble, the international emergency number is 112 – even if the phone is locked or it’s not showing any service provider.

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