Canada Fully Legalises the Recreational Use of Cannabis
Oct 23rd, 2018

Many countries ban the use of cannabis and different penalties are dished out to offenders. While some offenders are sent to rehabs, some face jail term and some even get death penalty (even just for trafficking or selling). But in recent years, a few places around the world have decriminalised the use of this drug. Just a few countries legalised the use of cannabis, but not for recreational use; Medicinal use.

The Canadian government last week legalised the recreational use of Marijuana in the country. The cannabis act was passed few months ago but took effect on Wednesday 17th of October. This legalisation has made Canada the second country in the world to legalise cannabis for recreational use.

The Executive Director of Tourism Moose Jaw, Jackie L’Heureux Mason said the legalisation of cannabis in Colorado has resulted to a great growth which should also happen in Canada.

We did quite a bit of research and checking out how things worked in Colorado when they legalized it and they saw a tremendous growth. Based on government predictions, I don’t see why Saskatchewan would be any difference.”

He further said the legalisation will be a great opportunity for a new form of tourism in the country.

“I think it’s tremendously exciting. When you look at the opportunity, this is a brand new form of tourism that could open up.”

Now that the use of marijuana is legalised, a lot of people, especially lovers of drugs, will be attracted to the country.

While the recreational use of marijuana just got legalised, the medical use of the drug had been legalised 17 years earlier.

Do you think the legalisation of marijuana for recreational use is a good idea and will it attract more tourists to the country?

Source: DiscoverMooseJaw


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