4 Things to Note Before Going to a Destination Labelled ‘unsafe’
Dec 12th, 2018

Why are you traveling to this destination? Don’t you think it is too dangerous for you to go alone? Didn’t ou read the bad news about this place in the news? Who even encouraged you to choose this destination as place to visit? Are you really going to follow your instinct and go to this unsafe nation? Jeez….enough!!!!!!

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Have you ever been asked, before going to a destination many people consider to be unsafe, why you have chosen to visit the place?

I could remember when we put up Lebanon as one of our 2018 destinations. We had received a lot of negative comment from friends and family. Even the news portrayed by the media was there to dampen our spirits but we didn’t allow that to happen. But at the end of the trip, what happened? We came back with loads and loads of sweet moments. Do not judge a place by how and what people have portrayed the place to be.

Check out 4 things you should take note of when going to a nation labelled ‘unsafe’.


Before you buy your ticket and fly out to that country that has been termed ‘unsafe’, you should do a bit of research about where you’re going. Make friends with people who live there so you can gather useful information about the country. Go online to read news related to the country. It may be true it is actually unsafe, but you do not have to generalise. Some part may be very safe while just a little part is faced with a bit of unrest. Since you’re determined to show the beauty in the ‘unsafe’ country, you should know more about the country. This will help you prepare your mind ahead.


After doing your research, you should start planning our trip. Ensure you let some close people know where you’re heading to. Draft out an itinerary you’ll follow while you’re there and be sure you share with people you trust back home. Also, do not forget to make photocopies of your biodata page. This can help you a long way in case your original passport gets missing.


Knowing the country you are visiting is not so safe, you should be more careful. If you are going solo, you should be at alert and always notify any police officer around when you seem to be in danger. At night, if you’re not going together as a group, you should try not to walk alone but rather take taxis to wherever you are going (night time might be the best time to strike an attack).


The country might have been labelled to be a dangerous place, but that doesn’t mean there are no opportunities there; businesses are still going on, companies are still running, stores are still opening for sale. So being dangerous doesn’t stop you from exploring the many opportunities in the country.

Returning home safe after your visit to the ‘unsafe’ country will definitely change your perspective about travel; you won’t let negative comments/people stop you from exploring.

What questions have you ever been asked before going to an ‘unsafe’ destination?


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