Santorini: Island in the Aegean Sea
Feb 03rd, 2020

Island in the Aegean Sea


Santorini is one of the Cyclades islands situated in the Aegean Sea, it’s one destination that has really gotten a lot of interest in the past decade. It is a volcanic island after being crushed by a volcanic ejection in the sixteenth century BC, perpetually forming its rough scene as observed by numerous guests around the globe. The whitewashed, cubiform places of its 2 head towns, Fira, which is a wonderful hub for Venetian architecture and Oia, stick to bluffs over a submerged caldera (pit). There’s a view of little islands toward the west and seashores made up of dark, red and stones. 


Things to do


There are a couple of activities to do in Santorini, wine tasting is however very popular in this Greek Island. it’s Picturesque winery offer strolling visits, tastings and snack, in addition to an adequate porch with caldera sees. You should definitely try out the Boutari winery, it’s absolutely gorgeous and one of the best.

Old Thera is an antique city named after the legendary leader of the island, Theras, and was occupied from the ninth century BC until 726 AD. Santorini Caldera 

It is on an edge of the precarious, 360 m high Messavouno mountain on the Island. 


When to visit 


Santorini has a semi-parched atmosphere. May-Sep, with a blistering, dry climate and an enthusiastic air, in the peak travel season. During this season there are numerous strict celebrations, based around the island's holy places. The Ifaisteia Festival (Aug), with various conventional social occasions, comes full circle in a sensational firecrackers show. The International Music Festival of Santorini (Sep) centres around old-style music. Oct–Apr, with mellow climate and some downpour, is a tranquil season.

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